3 In 1 Pool Table

The Hidden Mystery Behind 3 In 1 Pool Table | Best 3 in 1 Game Table 2020

We are talking about pool tables, and it is we call three in one for its multi-purpose uses. And we call so mainly for three types of it. We know that 3 In 1 Pool Table is also being regarded as the best multi-games table as well.

No game is complete until we add a table to it. It might be at any table. Here, we like talking about the table that obviously includes the best 3 in 1 game table. It is so because of the pool table we use in many ways. It might be of table tennis, snooker, billiards, pool, etc.

Apart from it, there are lots of varieties in pool tables. They are like pool table air hockey, Soccer, Slide hockey, billiard pool and lots of them further. And, we have added them within ahead so to choose your desired one.

Remember; go through fist about them including their pros and cons. Then, have a chance to buy them instead. We might help you a bit including the following pool table game information available in ours.

Best 3 In 1 Game Table

Billiards, Air Hockey, Table Tennis Table Three Games Are In One Fat Cat Pockey 7 Feet Black Table

The Fat Cat pool table is mingled with a table tennis table, air hockey and billiard which means it is saving your slot. Drop pockets, green cloth, and rubber bumper made the billiard outward playable.

As well as the outward of Table tennis is built with the finest layered tri-fold. As a result, you are going to have solid storage. Also, the table is perfectly equipped air hockey outward. It is with the gleams white gaming outward that looks like an ice hockey field.

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table (Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis)


  • Price of Fat Cat hockey table is an expensive one
  • The color of the table is Green.
  • Accessories with this table are; 4 mallets, 4 puks, billiard balls set (2-1/4), 2 parts of chalk, a resin triangle, a billiard brush,
  • Further accessories are 2 paddles for playing table tennis, 2 parts of cues measurements 57″, table tennis balls and net, as well as post set.
  • Measurements of the table is : W= 44″, L = 80″, H= 32″
  • Billiard outer has green cloth coated with tetolon, drop pockets, the bumper of rubber.
  • Table tennis table outer is tri-fold with solid storage
  • Air hockey Outer has a standard scoring system, a bright white gaming surface that seems like an ice hockey field. It has blowers that create high output through a bulky beanbag for the puck motion.


  • 3 games are in one table
  • Quality accessories for each game
  • Cloth perfectly designed to get proper playing experience
  • This 3 in 1 game table saves the space and gives solid fun


  • Price is slightly high
  • Assembly takes a little bit time


Is it small when playing on it?

Ans: No, It is not small

Is there any difficulty in assembling?

Ans: it is very easy to assemble

Is it small from regular ping pong table size?

Ans: It is like the pool table size bit of small, but it’s not awkward.


The Fat Cat pool table is the best multi-gaming table because they maintain their quality and always tried to satisfy the customer with their demand. They know each fat cat games table takes a lot of space which is tough for many of us. And that’s the reason they combined 3 in one. Have fun

48″ Giantex Multi-gaming Table For kids With Billiard, Foosball Soccer, Hockey

Long lasting durable design for using many purposes, especially 4 in 1 game table is legit for kids and adult. Unique conjoint furniture will be set in any place.

Three games with quality accessories, For playing billiard, Foosball Soccer, Hockey, you can simply antipode the table for each game Also the 4 leg levelers will help you to assemble and level the table easily.

the Giantex multi game table has Solid steel rods with quality design for every type of player as if they could play any game comfortably.

Giantex Multi Game Table, 3-in-1 48' Combo Game Table w/Soccer, Billiard, Slide Hockey, Perfect for Game Rooms, Arcades, Bars, Parties, Family Night


  • Price is reasonable
  • For long lasting use, 4 in 1 game table constructed with stable MDF, PVC, Metal
  • You will get exclusive entertainment in any place whether it is set in the game room, playroom, garage.
  • The billiard board comes with a ball set, cue, triangle, and most importantly it is perfectly assembled.
  • For soccer just place the soccer table on top of a billiard table.
  • If you want to play Glide hockey, Just need to change the slot then start your glide hockey with pushers and hover pucks.
  • 3 in 1 pool table has four leg flushers for assembling the table.
  • The combo table can be converted very easily and fastly at intervals of the game.
  • Table mobilized measurements L= 48.5 W= 22.7 H= 32.5
  • Weight = 45lbs
  • Pool table measurements are L = 42 W= 22.7 H= 26.6 Length of cue stick is 36.8 “
  • Soccer Table And Hockey Table measurements: L= 42″ W= 22″ H= 5.9


  • Space saving all place suitable table
  • Four leg equable for proper mobilizing.
  • Low price
  • Easy and fast assembling system
  • Best quality equipment
  • Sustainable structure


  • Since it is for kids and adults, you have to take very good care of kids.
  • Users have to be more conscious to use the table for various purposes


What is the original size of the pool table?

Ans: L = 42 W= 22.7 H= 26.6

Does air hockey have plugin or slide?

Ans: just slides

How it levels its leg?

Ans: Leg levelers


4 in 1 game table, a Giantex multi game table made the table to save your space with the best quality game accessories. You just need to get together with your friends and family. Start your game.

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48″ Three In One Multi-Game Table By MD Sports

MD sports multi game table especially with Slide hockey, Soccer, billiard, also with accurate players and has equipped with steel gamer rods.

Users can change one game to another easily. This table comes with all the adornments you used to play. An amazing facility is they are giving you a short time 90 days warranty for the product.

MD Sports 48' 3-in-1 Combo Table


  • The table is built with PVC, Metal, and MDF for using a long time.
  • The table weight is 41.89lbs
  • Measurement of the table is L= 48″, W=22.75″, H =32.5″
  • 90 days limited warranty
  • Product price is low
  • Easy to switch one game to another
  • This best 3 in 1 pool table comes with all the frills you need to play wish to play.


  • Price is cheaper than other
  • Warranty to recover any injury
  • 3 games in one table with saving space.
  • Good quality items with product


  • Warranty is limited
  • Size is not big enough


Does the table need power?

Ans: No, It does not

Does Hockey use air?

Ans: No, it has a slide hockey game.

What is the process to store table?

Ans: Its base table is billiard, you just need to put the other table on top of that.


The Sports Company has kept its leadership board up. People loved their products for their design and quality. Md sports multi game table always served the best gaming table to the game lover. Also, they tried to give their best to make their customer satisfied.


Phoenix 7 Foot Three in One Table By Fat Cat

Phoenix table is associated with three amazing games; they are Billiards, table tennis, Air Hockey. This table saves your space without ceding quality.

Smooth walkway style comps are updated with temporary adornment. These things make the users work easy to switch games. All the accessories are included for every three games, with the best quality.

Fat Cat Phoenix MMXI 3-in-1, 7-Foot Game Table (Billiards, Slide Hockey and Table Tennis)


  • Table measurements are 84 into 46 into 34, and the weight is 240 pounds
  • The Phoenix table product size is 7 ft.
  • Best quality accessories will be provided with a gaming table. Pool Cue Chalk, billiard balls, pushers and pucks for hockey. Paddles, net, balls for table tennis.
  • This gaming table is fickle for changing the game, which is very easy.
  • You can set the table conveniently in your room even space is tight.
  • Smooth walkway style comps are updated with temporary adornment.


  • It saves your space
  • Three games are in one table with proper quality
  • Best quality accessories
  • perfect walkway style


  • Price is high
  • Weight is heavy


Can we use this outdoor?

Ans: Yes, you can.

What are the exact measurements of the pool field?

Ans: 37.25 into 75

Can I use this as a dinner table?

Ans: Yes, you can


GLD is serving its customers for 35 years with proud and dignity. The Fat cat is one of their inventions. They always tried to give the customer the best quality product. And the Phoenix table is one of them. A family recreational product that will help you to bring unity.


Triumph Pivot Three In One Multigame Table

Triumph game table is what you can all the three famous games in one table; The games are Billiard, Table tennis, Air Hockey, whirling the table you can change your game quickly.

The table, Triumph has a good airflow system so that the air distributed perfectly. The table equipped with all sorts of accessories, you just need to start the game.

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table


  • You will get all the three games accessories with the table.
  • Dimension of Triumph table: length =84″ Width= 44.5″ Height=32″
  • Billiard, Table tennis, Air hockey can be played in one table.
  • 3 in 1 pool table takes seconds to change one to another play
  • A clear air disbursement system gives perfect airflow in the table.
  • 110V 60Hz typical boaster which can be plugged in normal block outlet, for air hockey
  • It has a leg leveler system to make the table stable in any condition.


  • 3 games are in one table
  • Complete quality accessories
  • Easily switch the game
  • Weather suitable table


  • Weight is a heavy move.
  • Price is a bit of high


Does it contain air for air hockey?

Ans: Yes

Can I keep my favorite game on top?

Ans: No, you have to change the board which is very easy

Is there any problem to assemble the table?

Ans: No


Triumph game table provides you best multi-game table. You can play with your family and friend by saving space for three different games. So enjoy your gaming.


Finally, a 3 in 1 pool table also known as the air hockey table is very helpful for its diversity in multiple uses at large. However, we have tried to avail of some information alike for your ease to get them accordingly. So, wish you the nicest journey to it keeping you aligned with it and with great attention too.