Best Foosball Table Reviews | How To Play Foosball

Best Foosball table always hunts the talent who deserves to deserve it for it is an exciting and unique play that provides many benefits to you. The table is of useful materials and content of status that attracts people and the players both.

Foos ball is a game though, for entertainment in mini size, it represents a great talent while playing as an indoor ping pong table game-like. It is also at the same time, this table also we see to be used as the outdoor ping pong table game as well.

What is the best Foosball Table?

The word Foosball translates to “Foot Ball.” The origin of Foosball or Table Soccer comes from German after World War II, according to history. After 1960 the game gained popularity and spread to Europe and abroad, this game became a competitive club sport and England.

Foosball table price is also within the reach to buy and to use as the example from 3 in 1 pool table to see mainly the comparison also with table tennis top.

Tabletop is a traditional table-based soccer game commonly categorized as sport and matches both. In the game players try to hit a small soccer ball into the opponent’s goal post using rods and kicking the ball downfield.

This provides people with massive entertainment in a small soccer field. It is an indoor game for home enjoyment for family members or in the office recreation room.

There are professional Foosball players too, and they compete in the competition as well. Foosball table sale we also find to be used in search of 4 in 1 ping pong table game mainly for more clear idea about.

The clear idea with this foosball  for sale provides in product description well. And, the Costco table describes the same well too. In case of size like- foosball table small or large will enable you to know and research your before play acutely.

How much is a foosball table worth?

The best tables if you like to buy, you have to go for the size and types first. Then to have foosball table best you will select your professional tables, best foosball table for office and or small one finally. The standard cost is in an average ₹1,499.00 usually; now convert into your money.

What is standard size foosball table?

The best foosball table for home size is 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long. In inches, your best home foosball table is 30×60 inches. Also, go for foosball tables reviews and tornado classic foosball table where you will get the same measurement either.

How do I choose a foosball table?

To buy the best tabletop foosball table within the regular budget, we think is wise. And, to have a good foosball table or the best rated foosball table, see whether the wood is solid, priority of the good features, tabletop models, etc. and take the best foosball balls along it. Better, you chose the foosball table best brands.

Why do some foosball tables have 3 goalies?

The top foosball tables with 3 goalies are much faster where your defense bat takes good time at the ball up and down on the ramp. You may chose tornado elite foosball table, best hathaway foosball table, carrom signature foosball table or go to the warrior foosball table reviews if you find them best suited to you nicely.

Is a goalie shot in foosball 2 points?

As in professional foosball rules in the best foosball table for the money, you can claim for 2 points with a goalie score. For, in the best foosball tables reviews, official statement is that each goalie is to one single point.

Where are Tornado foosball tables made?

This tornado foosball table review is obviously the best quality foosball table that we find to be made in the USA. But if yours one is the best foosball table for kids, it is from Harvard. And, for the others like; carrom foosball table reviews, hathaway foosball table reviews, kick foosball table reviews or the professional foosball table reviews, they are on your areas to trace out.

How much does a Tornado foosball table weigh?

The tornado sport foosball table review shows this best professional foosball table weighs about 360 lbs. And, this best cheap foosball table size is of 56 long and the width is 28.75 and the height is 34.5 inches.

What is the difference between foosball and table soccer?

The best affordable foosball table is also known as the professional foosball soccer table mainly in the North America. This best foosball shots is mainly football based here and the opponent’s use rods with it.

How much is a Tornado foosball table?

This best family foosball table costs you $1,149.00 made in the USA mainly. So, the level best foosball table you can buy for your goodness and wellbeing of mind and body well.

How to play Foosball And Learn Some Foosball Tricks:-

Like any other game, there are some strategies to follow which help you win the game. If you learn the basics, it is easy to face the opponents. But you need to focus on timing. It is very important to do your shot in time. This is what makes the game more addictive and enjoyable. Some strategies are here which help you get more opportunities for goals and defense.

Focus on Right Foosball Shot Strategy:-

There are some Tips for strategic Foosball Playing; To win the game, you perform accurate shots on offense. Focus on pull shots or on snake shots as they allow you the fastest score.

Pull Shot:-

The far winger or near winger on the 3-bar passes the ball into the center forward or into the middle forward to shoot.

Snake Shot:-

Traps the ball with Foosball player using player’s foot and table-surface before moving it and sideways and shoot. Use your wrist to turn the rod.

Follow the Foosball with your men:-

The game is not only to score a goal but to defense, your opponents shot too. No matter who has the ball and where the ball is. You should just follow it.  You should move your player according to the Foosball your opponents trying to shoot or your partner.

Make sure you have control on your ball:-

If you lost the Foosball control, you ultimately lost an opportunity to score a goal. You should know how to pass and how to catch the Foosball truly.

Remember that good defense always will help you to win the game.

What are the rules of foosball?

Your pro kick foosball table shows that your rod cannot you rotate more than 360 degrees before or after any player advances the ball to the impact. Secondly, have the clear control over your handle at all time in the play. If you do so, your penalty is you have to lose the ball to the opponent’s behalf.

The primary objective of the player is to put the ball in the opponent’s goal post and defense the ball from their goal post. The one with the most goals wins the match.


There are nine balls to play the game. Before starting the games be sure that you have all of them. Players use their wrist to move the rod downwards. It is to pass or shot the ball to goal the opponent’s goal post. To control is very important for an effective score or defensive playing.

Playing Game:-

Serve the ball from any end. You can play nine games as there are nine balls.

After scoring a goal, the team leads to serving the ball again. If the ball leaves the table, it is given to the other team to serve.

If none of the team reaches the ball to shot the ball is declared “Dead Ball.” The last scored team will serve it again.

No one is allowed to touch the ball in the Foosball table surface if it is not a “Dead Ball’. The teams have to wait for 15 seconds if the ball remains in one place and do not move.

If the shot goes into the goal of your opponents it is counted as your score.


To count a goal as a legal goal, it must be touched by a Foosball player before it gets into the goal post. You need to do five goals before your opponents if you want to win the game.

Also, these are the very basic Foosball playing rules for family and friends entertainment games but not for professional games or tournaments.

Best Foosball Table Reviews

American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table with Abacus-Style Scoring and Internal Ball Return System

Foosball is one of the best indoor games that gives you the ultimate family entertainment. Anyone, from kids to adults can play it though it allows limited players.

American Legend Charger Foosball Table is the perfect one for kids and entry-level players. The table is nicely affordable and allows you to play quality games.

Foosball Table is a great source of quality entertainment that gives you ultimate family time. Quality Tables like American Legend Charger always provide quality playing.

American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table with Abacus-Style Scoring and Internal Ball Return System

Features of American Legend Foosball Table:-

  1. Sturdy and Durable: Everyone wants to pick up a Table which provides ultimate durability. The American Legend Charger Foosball Table is well built and made sturdy and durable. It gives you quality entertainment for years.
  2. Hollow Playing Rods: The table has hollow playing rods of high quality. These are light to use and compact. It allows you comfortable playing and provides good control of your game.
  3. Cutting Edge Ball Returns: The American Legend Charger Foosball Table has a good mechanism for collecting ball. The cutting-edge ball returns mechanism does not allow the Foosball is going beyond the Table.


  1. Ideal for beginners
  2. Affordable and durable
  3. Cutting-Edge ball returns system


  1. Not for advanced players

What we think about it:-

If you are looking for the best Table within an affordable price range, The American Charger Foosball Table offers you a good choice. Beginners and kids will be comfortable with it. No need to worry about this well-built table construction. It will definitely impress you. We recommend it to you for your quality home recreation with your lovely kids.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Home entertainment is very important in everyday life. A table can be the best choice for your home recreation. Tornado Sport is one of the best table games as you want for your home or workplace entertainment.

And, Tornado Foosball will impress you if you want a mid-level table for your home. Tornado is made for beginners, and it replaced popular table the Tornado Whirlwind when it was launched.

No need to worry about your low budget. Tornado Foosball Table comes at a lower price than others on the market. This Table will be the best choice to meet your real entertainment.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table - Commercial Tournament Quality Table Soccer Game for The Home

Features of Tornado Sports Foosball Table:-

  1. Sturdy and Durable: This great table is one of the most sturdy tables. This well-built table is made of quality materials. The US made table last as long as you aspect.
  2. Perfect Design: Tornado Sport Table has an attractive table design. It will impress you. The two rectangular holes on two sides of the cabinet look pretty good. They are ball collecting holes.  The grip of plastic handles ensures your comfortable playing. The green playing surface with black and yellow players surely attract you.
  3. Adjustable Legs: Tornado Sport is a height adjustable table. The boot levelers allow you to adjust the height according to your comfort.


  1. 1” thick cabinet with Mahogany Melamine Finish
  2. High-quality rods with a comfortable grip
  3. Sturdy and durable
  4. Made in the US


  1. Assembly instructions are a little bit unclear

What we think about it:-

Though the Tornado Sport Foosball Table is not a professional table, it comes with some great features that give you better-playing experience. Players of every find them suitable for them as it has a height-adjustable feature.

As the Table is durable and nicely constructed, you cannot go wrong if you are going to purchase it.

Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball/Soccer Game

Mainstreet Classic 36-inch Table Top Foosball Table offers you the ultimate enjoyment of Foosball playing without wasting space. The size of this Table is mostly highlighted.  The dynamic gaming table offers you to move easily and doesn’t move after successful utilization.

Mainstreet Classic Table Top is comparable to other best table for kids as it meets some extraordinary features. It is budget-friendly and has some other brilliant features.

The Mainstreet Classic 36-Inch Table doesn’t waste much space in your room. It is nicely settable on any level surface.

Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball/Soccer Game, Multicolor

Features of Mainstreet Classic Foosball Table:-

  1. Solid Construction: This table is made solid and simple. This Foosball table size is ideal for kids and beginners.  The alluring Foosball gaming kit has the green, attractive surface and decent looking Foosball players. The movable table is well built and lasts long.

The 36-Inch tabletop table comes with adjustable legs and 3 rods on each side.  It has nice holes for ball returns and scoring systems on each end.

  1. Portable and Lightweight: Mainstreet Classic perfect gaming kit for children who have 12 years or more. This classic Table is nicely portable as it is lightweight enough. Kids can easily set it up on any leveled tabletop and enjoy the Foos-gaming.


  1. Movable and lightweight, perfect for kids
  2. Space-friendly tabletop table
  3. Easy to storage and portable


  1. A little bit costly

What we think about it:-

If you are looking for a well-built table-top Foosball table for your kids’ home entertainment, Mainstreet Classic 36-Inch Table would be the ideal one. As it comes with quality features the table provides your kids with a professional Foosball playing. They will love it. The table allows you to built a strong family bonding with a nice game.

KICK Foosball Table Splendor, 55 In

If you are going to have a recreation room in your home with the best Table chances are you are in the right place for quality ball Table. Let’s visit through below KICK Review.

Though you have a sporty space in your home. But it is tough to choose the right one form a large number of various models to set up a Table.

Kick Splendor is vastly improved than others on the market. They are getting popularity for their solid construction and reasonable price.

KICK is one of the tables looks solid and lighter. At 115 lbs., the KICK provides 55 inches Foosball table territory. The table is strong enough and durable.

KICK Splendor 55' Foosball Table

Features of KICK Foosball Table:-

  1. Nice Playing Table: About an inch thick playing surface has a pleasant look. After successful leveling, you will find the ball rolls wonderfully. You won’t find any dead spot. The players are not hard to deal with, and steel bars are easy to control and tough. Ball Return is suitable at two closures of the table. The balls move genuinely.
  2. Excellent Construction: The KICK table is made solid and sturdy. The four square legs are strong enough, and the wooden shade looks impressive. The table is 55 inches in length and 30 inches in width.


  1. The stylish design satisfies you for your home recreation
  2. Quality construction and durable
  3. Interesting and easier game playing


  1. A little bit lighter than other

What we think about it:-

KICK Foosball Splendor is made with a professional design that gives you the best Foosball playing experience. The Table is sturdy, durable and stylish one on the market as we can heartily recommend the game table.

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table, Family Soccer Game with Accessories

The Hathaway 56-inch Primo Table is designed with the best quality materials for family recreation.

The Table is space friendly to be fit into the most family room. It allows you the height adjustment to ensure a level for playing surface. It is the perfect equipment and impressively designed for your family game room or office recreation room.

This cool table has a green colored authentic playing surface and looks impressive. It features attractive scoring zones and end zones. The durable and sturdy construction allows smooth playing without minimal table movement.

Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table, Family Soccer Game with Wood Grain Finish, Analog Scoring and Free Accessories

Features of Hathaway Primo Foosball Table:-

  1. Solid, Sturdy, and Durable Construction: The heavy-duty Foosball table constructed as solid and attractive as you expect. The adjustable feet allow you to ensure the right adjustment for accurate play. Included cross help underneath the playing field guarantees that the best will stay level and level after some time and not wrap.
  2. Impressive Design: You will be impressed by seeing the Hathaway 56 inch Primo Foosball Board. It is designed to perfection. The sturdy wooden construction gives it a unique look with Espresso Finish. The coated soccer-field design feels realistic.  You will love this beautiful table.
  3. Full of Recreation: Hathaway Primo Soccer Table provides full excitement and fun that surely be a happy and enjoyable time family and friends. It comes with two soccer-style balls to get the action rolling. Beginners and advanced players both will love its grass-green playing field and classic molded soccer players.


  1. Smooth and shiny
  2. Sturdy wooden construction
  3. Classic and unique design
  4. Full of fun and last long


  1. Very good for home recreation but might not for commercial use.

What we think about it:-

The Hathaway Primo comes with a budget-saving price and with a classic design. For your ultimate home recreation, Hathaway 56 inch Primo is the best-recommended Table. The innovative design impresses you and gives you the maximum playing entertainment.

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The Warrior Professional best Table is nicely designed for professional players and beginners as well. It features all of you need to play a great professional Foosball game. This ITFS and USTSF recognized table allows you a true game and to control the best.

This Warrior Review leads you through the best features. Including professional-level features, the warrior table looks great and nicely durable with 200 lbs. of weight. It keeps the table firmly placed to give you a consistent play.

With a perfect combination of high quality and durability, it reaches to the top-notch. Warrior Pro is one of the safest playing tables for your kids. It is made for safe playing in a home environment with kids and other family members.

The table gives you the best control on a ball so that you can perform better shots. The green PVC surface gives a nice grip better response for smooth playing.

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 Model 56 Inch Black

Features of Warrior Pro Foosball Table:-

  1. Easy To Assemble: While most of the table comes with no clear instruction, Warrior Professional assembly is easier, and it comes with clear instruction. It only needs 20-30 minutes to put together the table.
  2. Adjustable and Sturdy Legs: The table is excellent and sturdy. When you put it all together, it looks very sturdy and feels impressive. You can adjust the table whenever you want to place it. The legs hold the table very firmly as they are sturdy enough. You will be very pleased with it is an excellent playing table and get a very comparable experience to the best one for much less money.
  3. Perfect Control and Better Grip: The warrior Foosball Table offers you perfect control on the ball. The green PVC laminate-made playing surface provides the ball better responsiveness. The metal rod has a comfortable grip and provides nice handholds. It helps to control the players and better opportunity to perform skilled shots.


  1. Unique rod guards system provides safety for all users
  2. Easy to assemble and has better control
  3. Adjustable leg levelers allow adjusting the surface whenever you want
  4. Sturdy and durable


  1. Poor ball return system

What we think about it:-

The Warrior Foosball Table can be comparable to the market. It is built with professional qualities and features. The Warrior Professional Table can be the best choice for you if you want a comfortable recreation for your family or workplace.

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ESPN SOC054_098E 54″ Arcade Foosball Table

ESPN Foosball Table, the name of a quality table. It will be your family’s favorite home entertainment equipment. It allows you hours of fun and excitement in competitive Foosball playing.

The ESPN Arcade Foosball table highlights 5/8″ chrome-plated rods and hand-painted players. It gives an authentic design and lasts for years.

Its stability and durability will impress you. You like the quality of this table. It is stable and sturdy. After assembly, you find a very well fittable to start your game.

The four adjustable legs allow you to adjust the surface level as you want. Traditional scoring of this Foosball table is just amazing. The table comes with every accessory you need, and they are easy to get together.

ESPN SOC056_218E 56 Inch Arcade Foosball Table

Features of ESPN Arcade Foosball Table:-

  1. Sturdy Construction and Adjustable: The table has 5 / 8-inch legs made of full panel leg supports. It provides optimum durability and stability. The leg levelers allow you to adjust the table surface as you want.
  2. Steel Rods with Grips: Foosball table rods need to be strong and well gripped. ESPN Arcade Table has 5 / 8-inch chrome-plated steel rods with plastic hand grips. It provides you easier and faster competitive playing experience.
  3. Stylish Table: Stylish surface with PVC finish and black Graphite effect give it a unique look. Charming hand-painted soccer players look impressive and authentic.


  1. Beautiful table with a unique look
  2. Durable and lasts for years
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Classic bead scoring system


  1. Sometimes some holes are not pre-drilled

What we think about it:-

If you want a good looking and long lasting best one for your home recreation or office entertainment we recommend you ESPN 54” Arcade Foosball Table. Budget-friendly and good construction. You will love it.

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

If you like to be entertained at your home with your family members you just try the Carrom Signature Foosball Table. It provides you with more natural entertainment than Computer, Television or Video Game.

There are many Foosball tables comes in a number of different sizes and design on the market. If you are looking to pick up a good one go through the review.

The Table has passed all of the durability tests. It provides quality and fast gameplay. Carrom Signature is a water-resistant one that has the full screen printed surface.

Do not worry about this table assembly. The table comes mostly pre-assembled. It hardly takes your time to get it together. You can spend your time more to play less to build.

Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table (Burr Oak)

Features of Carrom Signature Foosball Table:-

  1. Solid Construction: Carrom is a sturdy and well-built Table for your home entertainment. The product mechanism is as solid as provides you with a quality playing.  The weight of the table and a one-inch thick cabinet provides enough stability throughout your playing. The table stays stable even if the game goes aggressive. Carrom Signature Table provides you ⅜ inch thick surface, adjustable legs for good gameplay.
  2. Easy To Get-Together: No need to worry about table assembly instruction. The good news is Carrom Signature Foosball Table comes almost assembled.
  3. Rods and Handles: Hollow steel made rods are perfectly smooth and lightweight. They will provide smooth play and last long. Natural wood made handles give you the perfect comfort and control to play a competitive game.


  1. One inch thick Burr Oak finish
  2. Screen printed table surface
  3. Comes with two sets of players


  1. A little bit expensive

What we think about it:-

The Carrom SignatureTable is one of the professional tables, but you can try it for home recreation as well. Many high-quality features are included in this version of the table. It would be highly recommendable for happy home entertainment and competitive play.


Should I buy a foosball table?

Ans: Right you are. You must have one. And, if it is a tornado for sale and if you add foosball strategy and a co-player or friend to spend relax time well, your time will be an excellent one.

Can you spin the ball in foosball?

Yes, your spin in this game is illegal. So, whenever you go for this game with your favorite tornado sport foosball table reviews or carrom signature foosball table reviews, remember the wrong play is always wrong and illegal.

How many balls are in a foosball table?

Rightly and most importantly, you must know that there are 9 balls in the foosball table.

How many players can play foosball?

In the games, we see that the players can be 26 and also 22. Let you be informed that the 22 players take 11 into each in two teams. Each makes 1 goalie, 2 defenses, f5 defenders and 3 strikers.

Who is the best foosball player in the world?

Ryan Moore is now the best players in the world ranking still.

What are foosball players called?

They are called “fooser”.

Final Words:-

However, the best Foosball table is in a hot cake as Foosball is a game to play and to get a step forward to your status. So, get a tour of the amazing reality of the play certainly.