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The ultimate guide for choosing the best ping pong ball for 2020, is detailed information well said for you. As we see, table Tennis belongs to a long and eventful history to its way to a tireless journey.

And, the history also beholds pingpong with all accessories that make the game a complete one with the best ping pong balls’s ones. For, it requires much evolution of your things, ping pong accessories labor for you a lot too.

To complete this ping pong game a perfect one, you need the best ping pong balls that includes ping pong ball size and ping pong ball dimensions to get it to the points as well:-

So, one is the coordination of the other. The game cannot be imagined without its mate ball, pickle balls alike.

What do the stars mean on a ping pong ball?

At your buying the best table tennis ball, you find the demarcation of the star like 5 star ping pong balls. Here, the star is set by the ITTF that means the ball is of standard quality to play. So, in buying the 5 star ping pong ball whether it is maintaining the indication by the authority  or not. That we find within the best table tennis balls.

What type of ping pong ball is used in the Olympics?

Are you buying the professional ping pong balls or the ping pong ball ratings ? Bear in mind, whether it is to use in the Olympic. Yes, Double Fish Celluliod 3 star Pkt 3 is certainly for the competitive ball.

What is the difference between ping pong balls and beer pong balls?

The fact is that there is no difference in between the two. Whether you buy the ping pong ball star rating or the normal one like ping pong ball rating, or they are kevenz ping pong balls, many say but all are same. No difference is to find and to let you know either.

What is the difference between orange and white ping pong balls?

The ping pong ball quality is to be taken under consideration but color does not matter. And, in case of differentiation, the orange and white both are standard color. Orange one is brighter that makes it more visible at play, that’s it.

Best Ping Pong Ball Reviews

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls Advanced Training Table Tennis Ball

MAPOL 3 star ping pong balls are getting a great choice from the skill of improving players. It is because of its quality not for its glittering color. Here, one thing to say is; color sometimes matters much as they are easiy detectable while it goes out of reach.

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls Advanced Training Table Tennis Ball

It works evenly on the air taking a good drive in the air after an excellent bounce, spin, and control. It is simply much durable like any other brands balls with no question about its quality.

MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-star 40mm Table Tennis Balls are like touch, lighter than any other renowned brands regards to its smoothness and comfort to play with. It is worth to play pretty well with a little bit of spin and power.

Its color helps one to find out about it easily while some one’s vision is weak. I mean, it is easily detectable, not problematic for eye-vision at all.


  • Advanced training balls
  • Decent spin, good power, fine bounce
  • 40mm balls
  • 3-star rating ping pong balls
  • MAPOL as Trademark for Great Store


  • Having balls in bulk (50 balls)
  • Easily visible
  • Unique quality
  • Wonderful for practice


  • Not yet so famous
  • Not very durable
  • Lowly cost


MAPOL has achieved the trust of common players in this field. Most of the players like it for its good and moderate and decent playing performance as well.

Assortmart 144 Washable Plastic Beer Pong Balls 1 Gross

This ping-pong product belongs to a box containing 144 balls at a time which are basically pure white in color. These balls are usually very good for ping pong, table tennis, beer pong, carnival games, and many other uses. These balls are contained in a bag and all are new brands as well.

Rhode Island Novelty Washable Plastic Beer Pong Balls | 144 Balls

All these balls can be bought and got at an amazing price. The basic characteristic of these balls are; they are of 38mm not 40mm and does have a seam along with. For this reason, the performance is not so high as the 40mm does. But they are playing well enough to be within matches and junior tournament.

Most of the players chose it for practice at a low price. These balls lack the weight of more expensive balls and they are considerably floatier. Despite this, they have good form still.


  • It can be used for parties, table tennis, and other sports, etc.
  • Durable, plastic made, flat and 38mm in size
  • Can be washed up
  • Are in bulk at a low price


  • Brand new
  • Denting well
  • Lightweight


  • Not of high quality
  • Not made for ping pong only


However, for beer ping pong for sous vide cooking, these balls are excellent. And, they are great for the string. Though they have the seam, they are not visible and shallow are barely we notice.

TADICK Beer Ping Pong Balls Assorted Color Plastic Ball (50 Pack)

TADICK Beer ping pong optimizes a colorful package to most of the consumers. When we think of these balls, we can visualize lots of balls with a great variety of colors brightly sprinkled.

These types of balls, actually, bounce very high. If you drop any ball from a certain height into a hard surface, it bounces very high up to. Though these balls are for table tennis play, most of the consumers buy them. For, its decoration purposes or as the best pet toy is to play  the pets and the kitten either.

TADICK Assorted Color 50 Pack Beer Ping Pong Balls Washable Plastic Table Tennis Ball

TADICK is used for many other purposes too. To keep these balls in the drawing-room symbolizes the identity of arts and crafts which also means that the beholder is of the high standard and of good choice as well.

These balls assume an intoxicating image in minds. That’s why the showbiz personality keeps them along as their status and colorful minds it represents too.


  • A little bounce in playing sense
  • Great for arts and crafts program
  • Decoration balls
  • Beer pongs
  • 40mm
  • With printed logo
  • Registered Trademark of Great Store


  • Can be used for different uses
  • Bounce well
  • Intoxicating color
  • Can be used as toys


  • Often considered as a plaything, not for table tennis.


However, the balls are of great use to the beginners in table tennis play. And they are being used basically for random play not more of this except.

These table tennis shoes are the court friendly shoes.

MAPOL 50 White 3-Star Table Tennis Balls Premium Training Ping Pong Balls

MAPOL ping pong balls contain moderate and decent quality. And while making a survey, we find that this type of ball is not of so high quality though it is rated 3-star and of 40mm. This ball is mainly good for practice and every player of different levels can buy it for casual play and practice.

MAPOL 50 White 3-Star Table Tennis Balls Premium Training Ping Pong Balls

This ball is slightly thinner and bounces well in the air and spin well with good power. Here, one thing is obvious that, though I mentioned early that it is of the moderate level quality ball, it can also be played in a tournament only when you are a defensive player as well.

If we talk about its toughness, it is very tough and well durable, long-lasting as well. It does not crack while biting hard. It sounds well while striking as it is around one. And its sound indicates how the quality of MAPOL ping pong balls are.


  • Upper level’s training balls
  • More power with good bounce
  • Standard size 40mm
  • 3-star rating ping pong balls
  • Trademark of Great Store


  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Bounce well
  • Good for random practice
  • tough and sound well


  • Not for the very beginners ( If it hits the body you will be hurt hard)
  • Costly
  • For the professionals mainly


If you go through the reviews by, you will find that it has good bad quality at a time. But the good one is very prominent. Considering all those things, it can be said that it is a too high-quality ball to be recommended.

What kind of ping pong balls do pros use?

The pro use the professional table tennis balls that should be the 4 star table tennis balls. For, the 1 or 2 star balls are for the beginners. And, you should use at least the best ping pong ball brand for your better game.

What does 40+ mean on ping pong balls?

It means the best ping pong balls to buy is printed “40” on it. It is a new size ball; ping pong balls made in usa. If you find the ball with no printing on it and the seller says it 40 or 4 mm ball, you have to understand that, this one an old celluloid ball.

Can you call Island with 2 cups left?

In case of the shooting team calls it as Island and make shot, it you will count as the 2 cups where the 2nd cup is the defenders’ choice. If there is no choice or avoid the choice by the defenders, the 2nd cup will not count the point.

Are there different types of ping pong balls?

Yes, there are lots of different balls available in the market to buy like; competition balls, training balls and also the ‘just for fun’ balls, etc. Here, most of the table tennis professional balls and the best tt ball are celluloid. Others are of nonflammable plastic ones.

How are seamless ping pong balls made?

In the best ping pong balls review, you see that your top ping pong balls, some of them are seamless. And, this seamless are made when the ball is cut by machines, hot water drip into it to avoid the crack and then glue it with solvent well.

What is the official table tennis ball size?

The best ping pong balls 2020 shows the size of having 2.7 grams /0.095 oz, and the  diameter of 40 millimetres/1.57 in. Whether these are regail table tennis balls or kevenz ping pong balls review or and the competition table tennis balls, the size is the standard one always.

Can you lose ping pong on a serve?

If your serve touches the net first time it is let, and you have to serve again. If it touches the net and lands on the floor, you lose a point. Again, your serve goes into the net, you again lose point. In this way, you have five points to gain and your opponent for the nest five point to gain by the serve.

Here, we categorize three types of balls by rating them by the star, i.e. 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. 1-2 star rating balls are less durable and are bought for practice while the 3-star rating balls are for matches and competitive play.

There is another fact is that the market provides 4-5 star balls and equivalent to 3-star rating balls. These types of balls are long-lasting if they are treated well.

How to hit a ping pong ball?

However, we should take a look carefully to choose the Best Ping Pong Ball.

At first, be ensured that the ball does not have a seam around the middle of it, that is visible. If it is so, then reject the ball.

Secondly, have a look at how firm the ball is. Try to press the ball to feel the level of the firmness of it. If it is okay, then it will not budge after much pressure.

Thirdly, take a look at how round the ball is. Though it is difficult to judge, it should be checked whether it is perfectly round or not. Despite, spin the ball with your hand. And, if it has any wobbles in it, then you will be sure of the fact as well. I mean you will be able to be sure whether the ball is perfectly round or not.

Whatever the matter it goes around, if you are accustomed to it, you will certainly be able to recognize or realize what suits you better than the other one in fact.Where to buy ping pong balls from?

Where to buy ping pong balls from?

To find out a quality brand of Ping Pong Balls you need good research on the market. There are a good number of brands of Ping Pong Balls to buy. Which quality balls fulfill your entertainment and which brands are the best? Where to buy the quality Ping Pong Ball? A lot of questions you are thinking about where to buy Ping Pong Balls.

Nowadays online markets are easier than buying anything from the offline market place. If you thinking about getting your Ping Pong Balls from the online market basically from Amazon, you are in the right place to get the best one then.

We can take the table’s collapsibility into our account for our easy movement of it. It is so because we cannot dedicate a room to play the game only. Then we need to shift to another place. In this case, if we can fold it, we can move it to another location quickly.

After quality research, we can share our experiences to represent the best Ping Pong Balls for your indoor entertainment.

As there are various options for ping pong balls, you will ultimately get confused about which ones to buy. There are some considerations that will help you choose the best balls out there. Here are simple tips that will help you get high-quality good ping pong balls for your game.

What is inside a ping pong ball?

Generally, Ping pong balls are made from Polystyrene or celluloid. Polystyrene balls are Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved. They are made of high-quality materials. They are environment-friendly and easy to carry. Polystyrene ping pong balls are officially used across the world.

If you want to buy cheaper balls Celluloid ping pong balls will be a better choice for you. They are made of cheap quality materials. So, Polyester Plastic Ping Pong Balls will be the best option if you’re looking for professional training and games.

Why table tennis is considered a fast moving sport?

Your best pingpong balls speed 60 to 70 mph at best for its being light weight and the hit frequency by the players. So, the pro ping pong balls you like to buy, see the table tennis ball ratings or and buy the ping pong balls professional for the best play.

Ping Pong Balls should be easy to detect by players. Only White and Orange Ping Pong Balls are officially used for tournaments. If you are to buy Ping Pong Balls for party-game, fun-game or art-use you can buy ping pong balls of any color.

Go through the specifications of the ping pong balls you’re going to purchase. A three-star rated ball will be the highest quality ball and a one-star rated ball will be the lowest quality ball.

The professional table tennis player should get 3-star ping pong balls. 1 or 2 stars rated ping pong balls are usually used for beginners and practice sessions.

If you go through this consideration before getting Ping Pong Balls for your indoor games you’ll get the best one. We’re happy to help you get a quality Ping Pong Ball.

All of you must have heard the brand name of East point that has been providing with great service to the table tennis players. For this reason, most of the players of this field like these East point ping pong balls much.

EastPoint Sports 40mm Table Tennis Balls, 1-Star, 6-Pack

There are lots of reasons behind choosing the balls by upper-level players. It is because these 40mm balls are much better for competitive play or matches. Besides, these balls are also the source of recreational casual games with friends and family.

We can take a turn to the characteristics of the balls like; they are of the official size and weight for the tournament. Every ball comes in a standard white color where the east point sports logo is imprinted on. The package comprises 6 balls along with the set.

The expert or upper-level players choose East Point Sports 40mm 1-Star Table tennis Balls much for practice, training, and tournament or matches as well. 


  • Having official size and weight for superior gameplay
  • Ideal for casual and competitive play or matches
  • wonderful for upgrades or replacement
  • contains 6 balls in a pack


  • Good for tournament play
  • Great for upper-level players
  • Durable, good bounce, spin, and control
  • a complete quality package


  • Not of the very high quality
  • Not for the very beginners


We can easily, without any hesitation, recommend these east point balls to have a great experience within ease and comfort.

Sportly Beer Ping Pong Balls

Sportly has made this Ping Pong Ball with great quality. They are for all kinds of carnival play, beer pong, and ping pong games. They provide the right amount of bounces for beer pong competition.

These Beer Pong Balls are very well-fit in your hands and you can through it exactly where you want. The special white surface of this ball provides a clear view and are nicely noticeable.

SportzGo Beer Pong Plastic Balls Bulk - 144 Pack of Washable Balls for Beer Olympics Drinking Games Table Tenis Carnival Beer Pool Games White Color Ball 38 mm Party Decorations Indoor & Outdoor

Sportly Beer Pong balls have ideal size and circular shape with a perfect one-inch circumference which makes them ideal for playing ping pong.


  • A good amount of bounce
  • Made of quality celluloid
  • Perfect size and shape


  • Ideal for Ping Pong game
  • Perfect for all carnival games
  • The smooth and white surface


  • Not intended for Table Tennis
  • Not much bounce


They can be used for decoration as well. They bounce enough. The Beer Ping Pong balls are nicely crafted for all carnival games.

KEVENZ 50-Pack 3-Star Plus 40mm Orange Table Tennis Balls, Advanced Training Ping Pong Balls

This ball is yellow in color. As they are 3-star rating balls, they are long-lasting and durable which make a great spin, speed, and control. If it is pushed well, it returns well.

KEVENZ 60-Pack 3-Star 40+ Orange Table Tennis Balls,Advanced Ping Pong Ball

These balls are of great importance for casual players mainly. At play, these balls amazingly play well with high response. If you compare this model with another, you will find that this one is obviously a better one.

These ping pong balls are of high quality. It is able to spin fairly and easily. These balls are the tremendously skilled improving ball as it helps the players to play comfortably. For its better control, it bounces slightly higher and one can have a long-term output from.


  • Weighs(g): 2.60-2.80
  • Diameter(mm): 39.5-40.5
  • Color: Yellow
  • Packing: 50 counts
  • Long-lasting of having 1000 times impact without any crack
  • Suitable for multi-ball training, beginner, robot, etc.


  • Slightly light
  • Bounce well
  • Spin well
  • Good control
  • Longer lasting


  • Not for random practice
  • Too high quality to use always
  • Better only for the skilled players


It is tournament playing 3-star rating ball having ITTF approval. Therefore, these ping pong balls are great and sturdy, and you can have a chance to be well with it with ease and comfort.

STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls(Orange, 40mm Two 6 Pack)

If we talk about STIGA 3-star ping pong ball, we shall mention that STIGA is a brand name and it’s a brand itself. This ball offers you the highest performance. And it is suitable for tournament play.

STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

The fact to tell you about is; it is approved by USA Table Tennis (USATT). These balls are of the standard having 40mm which meets international table tennis requirements. I mean, it is ITTF approved for its size and weight.

These balls possess the quality of good ball control, longer volleys, excellent spin, and consistent bounce. One thing more to say is that STIGA is working continually to develop its quality for practicing with professional table tennis players.


  • Having 3-star 12 balls of orange color
  • Superb quality for tournament play
  • ITTF approved 40mm balls for their weight and size
  • USATT approved
  • Excellent bounce, spin, and control


  • Improves extending skill
  • Useful for practice by expert players
  • Good returns
  • A brand


  • Not for the very beginners
  • Something costly


I must say that STIGA products have been chosen by most of the best players for its wonderfully best quality having a 3-star rating. So, one can choose this ball confidently for it obtained the trust of the customers.

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Play Table tennis Balls- 3-star

Plastic and celluloid are two types of balls available in the markets. Though both of them do have positive and negative aspects, they are good in performance from their individuality and specialty as well.

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls - 3 Star

Xushaofa is a plastic made which is similar to celluloid even. In this case, it is apparently the second best ball in the market. They bounce high at any level. And the spin is also high of this ball. This ball is something bigger than the other general balls too.

The hardness of this ball is much harder than the celluloid balls. But it is a matter of surprise that the ball does not alter the trajectory much. And the balls are seamless for which they reduce wobbles and any other effects.

Though they are of 40 + plastic balls, they have a good bounce that can be enjoyed by any player.


  • It has made a revolutionary change by technology
  • Most advanced table tennis ball in the market
  • Having made of plastic material
  • Safer and durable than traditional celluloid
  • Seamless causing the consistent and accurate bounce
  • Approved by ITTF and USATT


  • Best quality ball of the market
  • Makes good bounce
  • Seamless, smooth and comfortable
  • Made for tournament play
  • Helpful for mostly expert players


  • It’s not cheap
  • Not for the common type of player
  • Plastic oriented


The ball might get cracked if you loop hard and hit the edge of the paddle otherwise it is good to play and it lasts longer in an actual sense.

GOGO Ping Pong Balls

If you are looking for a high-quality premium Ping Pong ball then you are in the right place to find it.GOGO 3-star balls are used for international tournaments.

The GOGO Ping Pong Balls are made of celluloid materials which makes them extremely lightweight. They provide a consistent bounce. This 3 Star Ping Pong balls have perfect spring and longer rounds.

No products found.

The table tennis ball has a regular size which is an official tournaments around the world. The 40 mm design can be the right choice for professional training and tournaments.


  • Comes with 72 Pcs Table Tennis Balls of two colors
  • The balls come in an orange and white color for easy visibility.
  • Long-lasting construction
  • The right choice for tournaments and leisure play as well.


  • The balls are a very heavyweight
  • Designed for professional training and tournaments
  • The ping pong balls bulk comes in white and orange colors
  • Very clearly visible during play
  • Have a good spin and bounce to them


  • Little bit solid
  • Oversized ping pong ball


The Gogo 3-star would be the perfect choice for beginners and professionals as well. This 3-Star 40mm ping pong ball provides consistent bounce and long-lasting rounds.


How long do ping pong balls last?

One packet containing 12 balls will last up to 3 to 6 months easily. For buying the official ping pong balls or tournament ping pong balls, be choosy for your standard game play well.

Can you hit a ping pong ball from the side of the table?

You can but if you hit the boundary line on to your opponent’s side, then it is okay. But is you hit the ball off the table before it touches the floor or wall but to the opponent’s paddle, it is not.

What happens if the ball hits your finger in ping pong?

You can with the fingers of the hand that holds the racket, but if it is by the other hand fingers, you will lose the point.

Why do ping pong balls smell like Vicks?

There is we see to use a good solvent which is, most of the time the Camphor, at making even the best table tennis balls in the world that smells like vicks.

Why do ping pong balls make smoke bombs?

If you burn your ping pong star rating ball, you will see that it will just produce much smoke rather than the fire. And, as usual, your best ping pong balls for beer pong will burst into a vast sound with vast smoke what we call smoke bombs.


We hope you enjoyed our best ping pong ball reviews. And, like to recommend you to get the best one to have the best out of them well.