DHS Ping Pong Paddle A5002 Table Tennis Racket | Shakehand

DHS Ping Pong Paddle A5002 Table Tennis Racket | Shakehand


DHS Ping Pong Paddle A5002  Shakehand with Landson Protector

DHS Ping Pong Paddle A5002 is a paddle for a beginner or falls into mid-level player category – intermediate, to be exact. So, go for the A5OO2 for your good play.

Interestingly, just a handful of professional players might prefer this pad as well, because it is ITTF approved and for its quality materials.

It should be specially mentioned that it’s highly recommended for professionals for their big tournaments.

DHS Ping Pong Paddle A5002 Raqueta Table Tenis Racket Shakehand with Landson Protector

Anyway, the choice for this paddle depends on the way you play with the paddle and how comfortable with the level of the tennis table and you are at home now.

DHS Ping Pong:

DHS, in other words, Double Happiness is one of the top end paddle manufacturing companies in China. The company has at least six premade bats in its line, including the A 5002 model. On

On the question of price, A 5002 is the most expensive one and makes it one of the top-end racquets plays well with the pong balls.

Just for your information, you will find is the least expensive among DHS models without a compromise in quality control.

Again Just to remind you, because of its high quality and impressive quality rubber and wood it uses in manufacturing, you may come across a few fake paddles look exactly the same. So don’t fall into

So don’t fall into a trap and end up buying cheap ones.

Control, Speed and Spin:-

Anyone passionate about table tennis would like to master the three skills at the very beginning of their career.

No matter how little experience you have, skills like these are the most desirable ones to get those in control at an early stage for any recreational or a few experienced players like you.

This DHS A 5002 model has a staggering rating on a scale of 10. Speed – 9, spin – 9.5, and Control – 8.5. This very much sums up the quality of the bat and shows how effective it is for you to begin with.

Any ping pong player has a desire to increase in those skills and these are quite in tune with quality materials used for this exclusive paddle.

The Specifics:-

This premium quality racquet managed to outpace some of its competitors in terms of quality rubber used in manufacturing.

The combination of Hurricane 3 and DHS Skyline TG 2 Rubbers is often described as “Carbon Fiber Technology of a Ferrari’. So make no mistake on the quality it tries to present to customers convincingly.

As an ITTF approved Red and Black rubber racquet with high-performance sponge surfaces, the maker seems to have given much thought in engineering this paddle.

You can say it’s a major design success for the company, while you play with a Black Skyline TG 2 rubber on the front side and Red Hurricane 3 rubber on the flipside.

The Shakehand Handle is quite popular among buyers. However, the other two types are also available for you – a flared handle and a long handle.

If you find out anything wrong with the racquet, you just bought fresh online; there is an opportunity for you to exchange or even return the paddle, provided you keep the item as it is.

It may feel somewhat heavy but superior for spin and offensive style of stroke play. At the same time, a 5-plywood blade makes this paddle even more durable and qualified for any major competition.

Customers rate this particular racquet very high in their remarks; in fact, it is 4 out of 5 stars as far as some positive verdict concern. That gives you a kind of understanding of how much customers like this bat.

And quite persuasively, more than 50% of customers consider it to be an overwhelming 5-star bat.  A fantastic bat for beginners, nevertheless, it is a bit heavier than the A6002 model as some customers observed.

DHS Table Tennis:

One interesting thing – only a few customers discovered that the Circumference seems smaller but has no comments on how this size may affect their style of play.

Some found that once you unwrap the case, this bat can create a bit of strong stink probably because of some strong substance like smelly glue is used in fittings. You have nothing to worry about; it goes away eventually.

You can be as offensive and defense as possible and change your style accordingly. The sticky rubber offers you both backhand and forehand controlled shots.

It is also recommended that you clean your paddle after every game. One piece of advice you should follow – make sure you don’t fall victim to fake ones due to the paddle’s enviable success.

The Verdict:-

What I can definitely say about this DHS A5002 Ping Pong Paddle is the quality matches equally with a price point.

This racquet is worth buying if you like to have this sort of top range racquet at your disposal.  Great value for money with quality material attached to its name and fame.

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