Eastpoint Ping Pong Paddle

EastPoint Sports 4 Player Paddle & Ball Set with Organizer


EastPoint Sports 4 Player Paddle & Ball Set

EastPoint Sports 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set is a table tennis set that offers you a package at a time. You need not go after for other accessories to make you’re set full.

EastPoint Sports 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set is made even a way that it is ready to use. Ping pong pad set is the completion of your perfect play.

And the fact is that this set is a package of a good combination of paddles and balls that are more durable than any other set in the table tennis world.

EastPoint Sports Ping Pong Balls, 3 Star Table Tennis, Pack of 6

It is very helpful for those who look for the whole set together and do not want to bother about which one is to get from where etc.

The paddles are fine, the balls are nice and the game is also interesting which means an impressive package. Most of the players like the set as this one is a complete package.

What other things go on with it?

So many things are along with the set which one needs to know and the product has to have with it. The East point 4 player set is a convenient, durable, and stylish set which is easy to demonstrate.

The racket set has come to be completed with four EPS 2.0 pips-out rubber table tennis paddles. In addition, this set features six one-star 40mmtable tennis balls and paddles of deluxe quality.

It allows quick and easy organizing of accessories that are completely ready to be used. And of a fine quality wooden blade.


  • Having 4 EPS 2.0 pips-out rubber table tennis paddle
  • Paramount paddle and ball organizer
  • Having 6 one star table tennis ball
  • Also, having accessories ready to play
  • Having full set ping pong paddles and balls
  • The set with 4 paddles, 6 balls, and 1 mountable organizer
  • Paddles featuring pips out rubber surface to control the quality
  • And, paddle and ball set with additional equipment or replacement

What are the positive aspects does the set has?

  • The rubber surface for quality control and gameplay
  • Ready set to play
  • Full set ping pong paddle and ball reduce botheration
  • Quickly set up net mounts makes it easy to any wall or table

Negative aspects:-

  • Something thick paddle
  • Something heavier in weight, that’s all

What do the customers opine for?

This paddle serves well for having its well-furnished full set. This set has a great contribution to improving one’s skill and provides much amusement as it is a wonderful combined set.

The set possesses 6 balls and 4 rackets with an attractive price. But the paddles are something heavy and also edges start to peel after a while if you are not careful enough at using it.

The balls are pretty fine but fragile. And if you hit hard it may crack. After all, they are good if you are not very aggressive in play.

I was looking for a set of ping pong paddle at a reasonable price and considering all those things mentioned in the customer’s review and product description;

I find it is a set that is very much suitable for me. The fact is that it plays well having good speed, spin, and control.

But it is not for the professional players who play in the national team. It is only suitable for beginners and the skill of developing players.


Eastpoint 4 player table tennis is a nice combination of set you are eagerly looking for, So, go for it and just experience it.

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