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Physical Fitness Training For Table Tennis Players


Physical fitness is a must to be skilled in a sport. Table tennis is obviously a fabricated game for exercise.

Despite this, we will try to provide you with some tips on how you will be fit physically and mentally and to improve your skill in table tennis play/game.

Fitness Is Important To Table Tennis

It is very important to be fit in table tennis to do well with it. You have to be more attentive to physical exercise if you are a beginner.

And something less if you are an intermediate player. But the picture is different for the first players. The advanced has to undergo much more exercise for his/her betterment onward.

Fitness For The Ping Pong Beginners

It is seen that at the beginning level, a player might be of less physically for one of practice whereas to be fit is very important in table tennis game.

When you are in practice, you should not be tired in the midst of practice. There are more important things than those techniques and consistency.

For your silly mistakes, you might be defeated by your opponent. Physically fitness limitations hinder your smooth learning and to go ahead.

Fitness For The Ping Pong Intermediate Players

When you are in an intermediate level you are consistent in technique and control. Your opponent serves you in a new method to defeat.

And your footwork begins to be more active. So you need to make yourself more errorless and improved skilled players to response the balls with higher performance.

That’s why your stroke has to be more technical one because now you are becoming a master of it. So, aerobic fitness is urgent here.

Fitness For The Ping Pong Advance Player

Physical fitness is very important for an advanced player. As your opponent is more tactful and active to make a control upon you, you have to be equal to more than that of the fact.

You have to be intelligent to return the ball at the same time. Another fact is that you have to survive up to seven games and have to be more intensive to keep yourself aloof from tiredness.

And it requires your physical fitness as well.

Solo Activities To Improve Your Fitness In Ping Pong

There are some solo activities that should be adopted by a player. The activities will make you more acute in table tennis play.

These are as follows


You know walking is a good exercise but not the playing and simply walking at a brisk pace. It is useful for many other reasons too.

Walking helps blood circulation to the whole body as well as it pumps the blood to the whole body too. It is a tonic to joints pain. It burns your calorie that helps to drop your weight.

It helps to enjoy the scenery and fresher your mind. Wear proper boots or shoes for painless walking. It also helps digestion that keeps body fit for.

Jogging or Running

Running is also a good exercise for the whole body at a time like walking. But it is more than that running helps to switch to loose calories and it also helps to toughen your legs that is very much helpful for footwork at table tennis.


Cycling is also a good exercise that helps to move the whole body at a time like the mentioned above. It helps to toughen your hand muscle and thigh and leg as well.

This fitness helps a lot to improve your durability in playing ping pong. Take a look at how kids ride balance bikes for example.


You may follow some aerobics at home or in the gym. It might be off leg and hand that is, moving hand around and shadow play footwork grills etc.

These are a different type of aerobic that suits you to be chosen by.

Table Tennis Robot

As Robot is a machine and does the machine jobs, it never gets tired. It will also help you tirelessly to improve your skill.

You can enhance your long time practice without being tired or pause which will help you much to be skilled.


Walking, running, fishing, bicycling and swimming all are same types of exercise which do not cause you much effort but can help you to be much stronger in playing table tennis. You know these

You know these exercises are common and good for generally as well.

Weight Training

This weight training will toughen your mass body and muscle at a time. It is very much helpful for body building and will help you play from any angle without causing any injury to you.

Heart Rate Monitor

It is a useful device that helps you to read your heart rate. While aerobic workout, it is also called a fairly basic polar model. It will tell you how hard or strong you are.


Regarding all other aspects of exercise to be fit, you might be benefited a lot. All those exercises are very useful for you to improve your body fitness and skill of playing table tennis match.

If you want to build yourself accordingly, you can try those things yourself to go fairly ahead of.

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