History Of Table Tennis

History Of Table Tennis


What Does The History Say About Table Tennis?

Table tennis first started by the English at the end of 19th century, probably between the 1860s and 1870s, in England. The Victorian elite class people used to play it after dinner not like today. After dinner, they used a table and used some books dragging them into middle as net and some suitable books as racket and the ball was either a string ball or cork of the champagne bottle. Table Tennis History They played in that style making the miniature of lawn tennis. Then this idea dragged them to a new invention of table tennis.

What was it called then?

Then the game was called by different names such as “Whif whaf” and “flim flam”. Those names were used to describe the game. The names came from the ball played with as the sound derived from ball made when hit back and forth on the table. Later, in 1901, English manufacturer J. Jaques & son Ltd registered a popular name, ping pong, and it got its popularity mostly by the name.

How was it evolved?

Then the game evolved round the century and got many refinements to the sport. Once the players used to use the celluloid balls in about 1901 and got popularity proving that the type of ball mentioned was worthy to be played with and perfect for ping pong. The book used as racket was turned by pimpled rubber on light wooden blade as racket. And net replaced the files of books and the game finally got its perfection gradually afterward.

Where was the game spread to?

History Of Table TennisThen the game, table tennis, spread out to most of the European countries and to the United States. Then it crossed its border and spread to Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan as they realized that the game to be learned about it from the British army force deployed in those areas. In 1901, an unofficial world championship table tennis was held. The first official world championship was held in London in 1927 arranged by International Table tennis federation, ITTF. And this ITTF was founded in 1926 in berlin by the participation of England, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, Wales, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany.

Who is dominating on this domain?

Though, it seems that the professional realm which is dominated by Asian country like Korea and China but before in 1950s the European players like France and Hungary. Later China, Korea and Japan occupied the position as Japan won the championship in world competition in 1960.

What can we say last?

The fact is that in line with the change of time, table tennis takes its turn to different innovation regarding its equipment like ball, paddle, net and table etc. time does the function in a greater scale which cannot be explained in short. The long way it goes the more history it creates and it is called the journey to the novelty.

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