Cleaning a table tennis paddle

How To Clean A Ping Pong Paddle?


Does Table Tennis Paddle Need Caring?

The nice feeling comes from the first-hand thing you use for the first time. The newness of a thing always provides a romantic feeling along. But things are going to be older gradually.

No one wants to let anything keep with its shabby looks. Then there are the needs for its servicing or taking care of the things. Likewise, Table Tennis Racket needs your caring.

How it gets dirty?

When you play, every time the ball drops and drags out some dirt with it and deposits them to the racket rubber when comes in touch with it each time.

If it once gets dirty, the grips will be poorer. You will lose speed, spin and control unlike the first use of it. So, you need to take steps to remove them or wash it.

To take care of your racket, you need some tips to go fine with it.

The things you need are…

  • A small bowl
  • Distilled water
  • Sponge
  • Dishwashing liquid

Sports equipment tend to get dirty and start underperforming if you don’t take care of them. Like the game of darts, if you don’t use a carrying case for dart sets, they’ll gradually become dull and difficult to use.

What are to be done?

The process of cleaning the rubbers is shown sequentially

Fill the bowl with some distilled water with normal temperature. Put some drops of dishwashing liquid into the water.

Sometimes only normal water is better than any washing liquid as the liquid contains some harmful solvents.

Dip a small piece of sponge onto the water.

Take adequate liquid by squeezing and make it wet enough to pick up dust and dirt. Don’t use much water for it makes a swell to the rubber.

Hold the paddle by the handle with the head facing toward the floor. Begin with one edge of the surface and wipe the wet sponge from the base to top of the racket.

Do the job softly until the dirt vanishes.

Repeat the wiping over the whole racket to clean it up as much as possible.

Then turn it to other side and do the same. Then keep it for some time in a dry place so to remove its wetness.

Otherwise, it will cause tackiness in the rubber if you pack it in wet.

Finally, keep the racket into the case or its packet dry. And this will help you to keep your racket fine for a long time.

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When will you not clean it?

However, it is not good enough to clean racket between playing session as it gets dirty during the session as well. Sometimes it is seen that many players wipe out it by towel while playing.

It is done so because they think that it makes the paddle moisturized enough to wipe off bust and dirt. But this act of caring during play is strictly prohibited.

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What will you bear in mind?

You should bear in mind that each strike of the ball absorbs some dust with it and makes a spot on the rubber of the paddle. So, try to use a new or cleaned ball at play.

And try to use plastic case for it helps to remove the wet quickly.

Why do some do otherwise?

It is also seen that some of the players use a toothbrush or old cotton socks to remove every debris of the dirt carefully and completely.

It is a technique to make the racket rubber sticky and smooth to be comfortable to play.

Why don’t some players do anything?

There some players who do not use anything to clean it. Means they keep them off without cleaning by. They think that the more it is dirty, the more it will play well.

What does the manufacturer provide you with?

Some manufacturers provide Rubber protection Sheets. This is a kind of transparent plastic sheet that is used on the paddle blade.

And to stick it to, the sheet is provided with a sticky side that is air tightened on the rubber along. You should also use gloves.

This rubber works fairly well protecting the rubber from being dusty or dirty. This protection sheet is also cheap in cost. One thing is to bear in mind that you have to apply it to with care as well.

Most of the manufacturers also provide a racket case. This case is very helpful to protect your rubber from dust and dirt very finely.

So you can take it as another instrument to protect your favorite thing from.

What to do last?

So, you will see lots of variety in cleaning the ping pong paddle as different people get it a different point of view. As it is a royal nature game, its equipment is also royal in nature and requires a good amount of caring to them.

The fact is that everything you will do for keeping your racket as it is. And you do so to play well and feel well.

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