Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Paddle Bundle

Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Paddle Bundle: 4 Player Set Reviews


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The Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Paddle Bundle is ranked the finest package in the table tennis world.

Kettler table tennis paddle is perfect for your family and friends because the set has 4 rackets and 8 one-star balls that meet all the requirements of playing a game together.

The set is suitable for the beginners as well as the mid-level players. The Kettler set is popular with the intermediate players for its medium speed, good spin, and good controlling rate.

The racket features a pip in rubber surface with a concave handle which is a perfect set to play and for having recreation playing well with it.

This also allows the players to experience the quality and control.This set provides you a carrying case with a short handle which makes it easy to carry as well.[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0008G2VF8″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”table041-20″ width=”405″]

What makes it appealing to you?

It innovates newness in technology, brings to the consumers a great sports tool ready to use.

The rackets are harmonized in a way that it blends the component and specialized performance characteristics so that all consisting materials provides quality in playing a recreational and competitive match.

It has a tabletop system, and it is a perfect one for your family to play an international tournament size 4 player table tennis set.

The tabletop is made of aluminum, and its paddle surface is multicolored and non-dazzling coating. This is a good combination of set components, that is, paddles and balls.

What are the things does it possess?

  • Recreational level set perfect for your family and friends
  • Having four rackets with concave handle
  • A pip in rubber
  • Having 8 one star ball
  • Convenient carrying case with short handle
  • Racket weighs 150g each
  • Racket with ¼” plywood
  • Has multi-color

Positive aspects

  • It’s a brand
  • Full set helps all family members play together
  • It’s both for the beginners and intermediate level players
  • It has one year’s warranty
  • It helps you to experience without interruption

Negative aspects

  •  Not for the advanced players to play as professionals.

Customer’s remarks

– The Kettler set is good enough for those who need a family and friends package mostly. It is wise for me to buy this one as I have many friends and I seek for a sort of game to play so that I can pass my time remarkably and find it a perfect one.

– Thank God. I was looking for my type table tennis set to have lots of fun iof it and find this one which really helps me much. Its paddle rubber quality is good, the ball spin is good and its control is also very good to me.

– Sometimes it happens that one thing is not fully perfect for a little lack of a thing which is nominal. Here, I am talking about its nylon set carrying case. All these things included with are a good package for everyone who looks for tidy playing elements.

– This set provides you a good paddle with a fine handle to have good control, good speed, and good spin and what not. So, the Kettler set is very nice for me to have and play with lots of amusement.


The Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Paddle Bundle is a complete package with reasonable price and consistent quality play.

If you are a newcomer in this tennis world, you can buy it without any research or much more inquisition. And, if you are an intermediate player, you will find it suitable enough for you to buy and have a comfort playing experience from it.



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