Killerspin barracuda paddle case

Killerspin Barracuda Table Tennis Paddle Case Review


Killerspin Barracuda Table Tennis Paddle Case

One thing is obvious that Killerspin is the best one among this paddle line. And, this Killerspin added a fine paddle case which goes by the name Killerspin Barracuda Table Tennis Paddle Case along with the pair of paddles.

The case also accommodates some balls within the outer pocket of it. This case possesses two pockets, one for the paddle and the other for the balls. Beside balls, you can also keep any other accessories within.

We need a case to protect our favorite things and this case meets our objectives. It prevents the balls and paddles from any deterioration or damages as it is of plastic made.

Barracuda enhances some advantages like – you can carry the full package of the paddle set altogether to anywhere you like.

The objective of the manufacturer is to provide the customers with some benefits preventing them to further damages.

If you are on the way to a local recreation center, you can incorporate this bag in a larger case.

In short, Killerspin Barracuda Table Tennis Paddle Case makes you keep in touch with to anywhere and anytime you go or stay in.


  • Barracuda contains two pockets – main and side pocket
  • The main pocket can contain two paddles and side pocket can contain two to four balls
  • It is made of reinforced padded polyester fabric
  • Has warranty of 30 day


  • Can accommodate additional accessories(cleaning items)
  • Completes the full set of table tennis(paddles and balls)
  • Easy portable within a larger case too
  • It is of inverted rubber


  • Fewer days warranty
  • Too small to be used for any other purposes


That comes to mind about the Killerspin Barracuda Table tennis case is nothing but to talk its positives further.

Regarding all those aspects described throughout the whole review, you can reach to a decision on this product whether you will buy it or not.

But my suggestion must be in favor of having it to take a chance to taste its comfortable sides. So, definitely you can make a purchase by making up your mind upon the case as well.


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