Killerspin JET Black Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET Black Table Tennis Paddle Review


Killerspin JET Black Table Tennis Paddle With Black Sleeve Racket Case

Killerspin JET Black Table Tennis Paddle comes with a perfect blend of performance and style. Simply this is what makes this paddle stand out in the crowded market of paddles.

A sleek design with jet black color makes this paddle one of a kind. A perfect table tennis table paddle for any ping pong enthusiasts whether you are a recreational player or intermediate one or otherwise.

You would love to have this bat in your collection for some good reasons. Let’s see what it offers and how Killerspin JET Black Table Tennis Paddle satisfies your needs as an intermediate player.

Killerspin Jet Black Combo Ping Pong Paddle with Sleeve Case

What might be appealing to you is the paddle’s wonderful chic, slim and sleek design, engineered with jet black color making it one of the classiest of paddles to have and play with.

Ping Pong Racket:-

This racquet is specially made to cover your interest in ‘performance with style.’ Plainly, it caters to your needs and skill set; skills, and other ping pong pad accessories together.

If you prefer a more ‘control-oriented’ game, this perfectly designed paddle is for you to consider from the whole range of similar products in the market.

The perfect paddle for a spin as this paddle comes with Nitrix 4Z rubber. For, these ping pong paddles make it capable of hitting power shots. And that makes you more adaptable in controlling powerful shots against any of your opponents.

This special paddle is manufactured for a spin as you would desire for at least one of the skills to be mastered in the course of your skill and overall performance development.

Killerspin JET Black has got the upper hand when the question of practicality and performance comes into your mind.

Killerspin JET Black has a more resilient wood blade than most other paddles in the JET series.

It may satisfy your mind that this bat is made of a more durable wood blade unlike most other paddles in Killerspin’s JET series.

It comes with a cool looking Black Sleeve Case which is a perfect match with this paddle.

The JET Black is built for performance, and performance comes to style. This paddle is engineered for the intermediate players who prefer a calm & collected game.

Top Features of Killerspin JET Black Table Tennis Paddle:-

  • High-quality paddle with ultimate control and precision
  • A nice functional and structural designed racket case
  • The combination of overall speed, spin, and control sums up the quality of this racquet, having speed: 6.8, Spin: 8.2, Control: 9.
  • This racket has thickness: 9/16!

This is the top quality paddle that comes with great control and accuracy accompanied by a beautiful, quite functional, and fantastically designed paddle case.

A 5-ply wood blade with Nitrx 4Z rubber makes this paddle a perfect sporting weapon against any of your challengers in association with its in-built speed, spin, and power.

We have come across this ping pong paddle and its case; we see that it is as good as it looks. The furnishes it reflects from is incredible as the spin imparts on shots is unpredictable.

Black flared handle with lines of yellow gives this paddle a more appealing look. The paddle case also has a black look and has enough space to accommodate 2 paddles and 4 ping pong balls.


  • Control oriented racket
  • Better performance
  • Authentic and edgy looking
  • Super soft and cool stylish black sleeve racket case
  • Great spin capability


  • light-weight paddle
  • Not for the beginners


The all-black racquet deserves to be worth trying. Pricewise, it is simply in mid-range. A great quality paddle with a reasonable price tag. Check the current price here.

What Customers Say About This Paddle:-

This paddle is said to be one of the best ‘Control oriented’ rackets out there in the market and truly it generates the spin and greater control of the ball.

Most of the customers think that the racquet generates some great spin. Obviously, most of them are pretty happy about the jet black stylish look of the bat.

In their own reviews, they are seemingly satisfied with the spin it offers along with bounce. You are an intermediate player looking for a better paddle to suit your skill in playing ping pong and this paddle is made to assist you to perform better.

That is the message you get from the customer reviewers.

It is as authentic as anything you come across in the paddle world! Stylish looking, soft black sleeve paddle case can accommodate two paddles and four table tennis balls.

One thing you should be aware of the fact that this particular paddle will make your grip a bit light-weight. Well no surprise, this racquet is after all made of extra light 5-ply wood!

Only a handful of customers seems a little edgy about the quality of the rubber, as they observed the glue comes off in a few months’ time.

Well, that’s understandable!

It depends on the style of your play, your level – professional or not, and most importantly the amount of time you employ in the game.


The quality it offers and the overwhelming satisfactory notes from the customers who bought this racquet suggest that you ought to consider this intermediate paddle for your playing level.

If you are looking for a racquet with great Spin and Control, why not try this authentic and stylish looking yet perfectly high-performance sporting paddle.

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