Killerspin JETSET 2 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JETSET 2 Premium Table Tennis Paddle Set Review


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In a word, Killerspin JETSET 2 Table Tennis Paddle is more favorable ping pong set for you to buy. If you are looking for a set of tennis paddles with ball, then you have nothing to worry about.

In this case, most probably we might help you to choose the best one among the best couple of ping pong paddles.

For query sake, once we made the journey to the paddle arena see which one is the most suitable, affordable, choice able and comfortable at large.

This made the thing easy for a player and a newcomer in this field to find out which one for whom. We collected some data on those seeking rackets and accumulated them to get much information at a glance.[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”297″ identifier=”B00BP22TP6″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”table041-20″ width=”500″]

You will be puzzled at first query as they have the same type of qualities. But one thing is easy to you when you go through the data with your demand inquisitively.

Killerspin JETSET 2 Table Tennis Paddle is something heavy for its weight is a 77g to 184g having thick rubber padding which optimizes control and spin which is necessary for playing and it has a one-star rating as well.

As we are recreational players we don’t have any comparative knowledge on the different paddles. We bought them we went on experiencing them and found that those are nice and much more durable paddles.

The surface of the paddle is very sticky. They last longer and good pricing comparative to its quality.


The JETSET is a premium 2 table tennis racket having control generating paddles for consistent play and precision. It has 3 table tennis balls with it.

It has 1.5 inverted surface rubbers having superior control and spins which enable one to generate competitive performance.

It has also 5.6mm thick blade which accelerates the smoothness in play. The racket is of 5 plywood with ergonomic flared handle having killer spin’s proprietary black and red rubbers.

The rating out is 10, spin: 7.0; control: 9.0 and power: 6.0 as well.

To say more, Killerspin is made to bring the youth and world’s most sports beautiful table tennis. It is made in the USA and keeps the most modernization within the Jet sets.


  • Flare handled paddles
  • Automatic handled rackets
  • Straight handled paddles

This racket is sturdy and suitable to play for its light weightiness. The paddle is something impossible to break easily while playing.

Besides, there are some health benefits too of this paddle for its lightness it is not risky to be injured by.

One does not need a much effort to have a start of the play with it. It is a tournament-oriented racket and much more comfortable for anyone to begin with it.

A player needs to run five feet, to turn 180 degrees and one can shake the balls within a less than half second.


  • Price
  • Handle & grip
  • Weight

You need to think which one is for kids and which one for the adults. And need to determine which amount suits which racket.


Last of all, three balls with the racket set is got with extremely low cost. Easy going and comfort attracts the many.

Therefore we recommend you to buy Killerspin JETSET 2 Table Tennis Paddle to get an opportunity to play with ease and playfully.



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