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Important Olympic Rules and Laws For Table Tennis/Ping Pong


Every game or play has its own rules and regulation to be played consistently. And this is not unlike to this table tennis play that is ruled out by the Olympic for.

Olympic table tennis competition also follows some standard international rules that are set out by the ITTF.

There are many rules to follow during the play but not the most of them are equally important. Here we will go by some crucial points that cannot but be followed.

How To Score

A point is obtained by a player when the opponents cannot hit the ball with rackets served by over the net onto the other side of the paddle surface.

A game is won by the way player who obtains/wins 11 points first and at least 2 points ahead of the player opponent. If the first player gets 10 points he is required more 2 points to win.

A match is of seven games if the player is single. And it is of 5 games when the players are in team.

Flow Of The Rules

The score begins 0-0 and each player serves for 2 points in a row the serve will switch. If the score is 10-10 in the game then each one will serve for 1 point and the serve will be switched.

After each game, the serves will change their serving position and that will be done after each 5 points.

Legal Serve

The ball has to be on an open hand palm. Then the ball has to be tossed up at least 6 inches and struck to the ball at first bounces on the serve side to the opponent’s side.

A serve that touches the net post on the way and touches the serve side first and then the opponents’ side then it is called LET serve. And this is to be replied. There is no limit to LET serve.

When a point is gain, the player gets one serve and if the score is of 10 both players will serve for only one to win the game. This score is called out within the serves score fast.

The Racket

The racket must be black in one side of the blade and the other side is to be red.

It helps the player to understand by which one is to be used while in need tough characteristics of rubbers are different.

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Service Rules

The objectives of serving rules are to give a chance to the receiver to see the ball and read the spin carefully so that he can return the ball well. In this regard, some points are mentioned below

  • The ball has to be visible by the receiver and never to be hidden.
  • The ball has to be behind or and line of the table and up the level of the playing surface.
  • The ball has to be thrown up vertically at least 1-6 cm around the height of the net.
  • The umpire may warn the server if he is doubt at any ball served.
  • If the serve is wrong the umpire might give the point to the opponent as a penalty.

Hitting Ball

You can be hit by the ball before the end line and still not obstruct the ball throw the ball is not over the playing surface and it will move away from the table.

You will not be able to hit the ball twice if it is one touched or hit by your finger or wretch. So you should not hit the ball with finger or wretch.

You cannot throw out the ball to hit the ball. You cannot drop the racket from the hand without hitting the ball serve from.

Your hand cannot touch the table in any means.

And you can take one minute rest showing the sign T- during the match and of course, by the will of your empire.

If you go along with the table tennis knowing all those rules mentioned above and if you are one familiar with the game you will get a lot of fun of it. After all it is an amazing game to play.

Source: Wikipedia

You can also download the official ITTF Handbook for rules and regulation.

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