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Know All About Portable Ping Pong Table


Portable ping pong table is a perfect family game part mainly. It gets your family games or indoor games perfect or a complete one.

What are regulation size Ping Pong Tables?

How big is a ping pong table shows us the differences are in size and we can define what is what in consideration to their aspects from different perspectives, whereas size sometimes also defines.Space needed for ping pong table length is 2.74m long and its width is 1.525 m. And, it is in feet, 8 ft 9 inches long and 6 ft wide.

What is a Ping Pong Table Top Made Of?

We see in common, the table tops are of plywood, plastic, metal, particle-board, concrete, fiberglass, and might be of many others etc. And, their thickness varies from 12mm to 30mm that stands in inches 0.47 to 1.2.

Moreover, the best table with wooden tops with a thickness from 25mm to 30 mm or 1 inch averagely.This is the standard ping pong table size exactly available around us to buy ping pong table.

What kind of wood is best for a Ping Pong Table?

We see a ping pong table is made of many types of materials of which plywood types are in use prominently. Plywood types are fir, spruce and pine whereas they are soft and suitable for a ping pong table.

To mention, the hardwood plywood is also we find to buy in common, we need the soft one to play ping pong well. Strong wood also is fine but costly for some think to the best one by a cheap but a fine replacement.

What is a set in Table Tennis?

Set is a pair of games where the first player is to win 6 games while to win by 2 games can win a set. One has to play till he/she has won a set by 2 games well.

How do you set up a Table Tennis Net?

Net assembling is simple and an easy task if you know how. Here, the top of the net shall be 15.25cm above playground level or the surface. And, the bottom of the net is to be the falling or straight closure to the ground as much as possible. You have to attach the both side ties with the both side posts well top and bottom.

What are the parts of Table Tennis?

There are 5 numbers of components in your ping pong racket that you have to take into your consideration. These are blade, grip, sponge, handle and rubber and even of shoes. These points are mentioned for their well reflection in the excellent accomplishment of your favorite game pongs.

What is the best Portable Ping Pong Table?

A lot of ping pong brand table is there for you to choose yours one from which are;

  • Cornilleau 500M Indoor,
  • STIGA Expert Roller,
  • Viper Arlington,
  • Killerspin Revolution,
  • Stiga Optimum 30,
  • JOOLA Midsize,
  • Sponeta Super Compact,
  • STIGA InstaPlay,

Let’s see the Different Types of Ping-Pong Tables:-

Outdoor Ping Pong:-

The most important fact is to feed your mind is entertainment. And, that entertainment is great when it goes with your type, feature, location and table tops. Right, I am talking about the outside ping pong.

We know it was first played approximately 150 years back in England by an offshoot of the lawn tennis. The researchers consider this game as the brain sport. Now about 10 million people play this ping pong game around the globe according to the official records. And, all play for fun that leads to a good mental health to all and well.

Indoor Ping Pong Table:-

Ping pong table is available and this availability goes on with the indoor ping pong well. It is not the fact that indoor one is better than the outdoor one. It is because of the space matters. I know or want to learn tennis but I do not have enough space to play outside.

Should I stop there? No, I have another option to play the same game in a similar surface earning the same entertainment. So, I need the indoor one at my excluding obstacles we commonly face around.

There must have some obvious benefits of indoor ping pong table. It is easy entertaining inside the limitation of the space outside that we face in common. Your table remains safe most often from the direct sunlight damage. Also, you can fold and port from here to there as you like to fit in.

It is a lightweight table to move easily. In case of unwanted weather, you can wrap up the ping pong topswith very ease. And, features are many than you find in the outdoors ones.

Regulation Ping Pong Table Features:-

Regulation ping pong table size is 5 feet in width and 9 feet long in length. The table top is 30 inches high from the floor level. A net you provide on the court is six inches higher above the table top court ground.

Pool Table and Ping Pong Table:-

It consists of a top section that fits on a pool table having a suitable large surface to have a good play. So, it goes with double roles playing like as a ping pong and a pool over that we call conversion for. Another use of a ping pong table you can turn into well. A very affordable table it is.

Mini Ping Pong Table:-

This is a very good option for the kids. Those kids who are just getting a start should be provided with this pong table for its being suitable to move, carry, lessen occupying space and it is a miniature of the regulation one nicely.

Table Tennis Table Top:-

Portable ping pong table top dimensions are 274cm wide and 152.5cm long, height is 76cm and net size is 15.25cm. This one we showed is ITTF approved an official size of table tennis table top size.

Folding Portable Tables:-

You must search for having the benefits of portability and accommodation in storing your tables well. So, go to that table features which goes with your search.So, a portable table tennis set is perfection in your homes often in the basis of your healthy ways of lives as well.

Ping Pong Table Wheels:-

Wheels underneath the tennis table are really brilliant but make it steady while playing much more brilliant to skills out your best performance too. For wheels are there at least in a table with steady locks for when you are on play then make it locked and when it is necessary to move, and then unlock the wheels again as well.

Who is the father of Table Tennis?

Ivor Montagu is the person we know in search by the click or official records and it is indeed. He was born in 1904 and died 1984.

Is there Deuce in Table Tennis?

11 points is still in the rules to win in the tennis play where the pair of the two scores of 11 points get 10 at a time is we call deuce.

What is a kill in Table Tennis?

Making stroke hard to make your opponent unable to return the ball is we call a kill in table tennis game. It is a technique to get points against your opponent and to win the game.

Ping Pong History:-

The beginning of this Ping pong game flourishes in the 1880s. Who invented ping pong shows that during winter all the lawn tennis players thought to bring the game indoor for more comfort so to enjoy it with ease and relax? The invention proceeded to innovation called table tennis as well. In the 19th century, the English Elites used to play it after dinner as an excellent means of warming them up before going to sleep as it caused contentment among.

It is astounding to know that they used to play this game with cigar-box top-notch and they also used their books as a net. The game brought a new wave in 1901. The organizer got surprised to see the 300 participants at that time at its maidenhood. Then, the Table Tennis Association was established in 1922. And, its former name was the Ping-Pong Association.

This game was able to draw everybody’s attention very quickly in the sports world for we tried to have a flash-back toward the history shortly at the beginning of this writing before you.

Now, we can have a look at some essential information about the equipment of this play. And, you know our effort is, as usual, to provide you the information of the best one accordingly.


What is not allowed in Table Tennis?

There is no second serve if you make a fault in the first serve in your table tennis. So, here tennis and table tennis differ. Tennis does have the second serve in case of fault but not in tables one.

Who serves first in Table Tennis?

In the existing rules by ITTF, first server is chosen as the random basis and then the previous game winner is to serve first in between the games. If the winning player/s wants to get receive first, he will be, there is this option too.

What is Table Tennis players called?

Not it is a like the golfer, batsman but it is with the paddles and the tennis player is called paddles, interesting to remember indeed.

Final Words:-

Portable ping pong table is a facility to facilitate you with a great very ease to help you go ahead with your fun and entertainment and remove the obstacles away on the way of your approach to the tennis game acutely. And, you see the weatherproof ping pong table is we consider the all weather ping pong table for its being useful round the year.

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