Slyspin Rapture Table Tennis Racket

Slyspin Rapture Table Tennis Racket | Ping Pong Paddle Review 2020


You would be interested in this Slyspin Rapture table tennis racket, and if you think you have just made your ping pong skills. Also, it must be a bit better or hopefully came out victorious in one or two playoffs.

Still, it doesn’t matter! In fact, the demand for this ping pong ball paddle falls between Beginner level players and Intermediate ones.

Well, just for the sake of your interest, we assume that you are an Intermediate level player. And, you have a good pool table or you are presently hoping to buy this upgraded paddle.

Slyspin Rapture Professional Ping Pong Paddle - Table Tennis Racket - Comes with Premium Carrying Case

For sharpening your overall ping pong skills and go from strength to strength into your next level, this is definitely the right choice.

You definitely have a great desire for crushing victory over your opponents. This best table tennis paddle offers you the skill-set you need to take your ping pong playing hobby into a professional level.

So what does this paddle offer?

The Skillset, the arsenal every intermediate player would love to have at the disposal: a proper balance of Control, Speed, and Spin also with your pickleball ball well.

Slyspin Rapture has been the choice for more serious players who decide to go into a professional level.

Control, Speed and Spin:-

As expected, Control is what you gained by now throughout your initial skill development process at the beginner level.

So, in what way does this paddle help you ‘further’ your ping pong ball controlling skill?

I understand it’s you who control the way you play against an opponent. And, it adjusts accordingly during the game. It sounds just straightforward!

Yet, no one can deny the fact that it’s also the paddle in their trusted hand. For, it has to be equal to the task in accomplishing balanced shots and stroke play.

And in this regard, unlike its competitors, has an advantage.

It’s made of a premium quality rubber, a spongy substance which makes the paddle a fantastic tool for Control.  You will find this paddle up to mark in terms of its control feature.

Spin and Speed are also the other two skill-sets desirable from you at this level. And certainly, in this regard, the paddle shows consistency and assists you in gaining overall speed and spin.

Thus, it already made its way up to 8 on a scale of 10. And that gives you an average of 8 in all three skill sets.

The Specifics:-

has some of the fantastic features you would like to care for.

A paddle aiming at intermediate players, it’s packed with features categorically inherent with its kind. The blade thickness comes to mind in selecting a paddle-like this; it’s perfect 6 millimeters.

What makes it a great ping pong paddle is the use of ‘Carbon technology’ in furnishing the overall thickness of the blade having a nice elastic, spongy. And, its-feeling on your hands and that produces strong spins and speed at the same time is fine.

The handle is itself made of high-quality poplar wood and smoothly sealed with premium quality rubber grips. Once in your hand, you make the difference! You feel the grip.

It might give a vibe of heaviness, obviously, it depends how comfortable you have been with other racquets. And, with the time you will get used to its heaviness.

And the whole paddle comes with a professional-looking paddle case.

What Customers Say:-

‘Excellent’, ‘Great value’, ‘decent’, ‘Outstanding’, ‘reasonably priced’, ‘Very satisfied’ these are words in customer reviews and the list might go on and on.

They bought the paddles for themselves and played and satisfied to put the comments like these. However, it has to be your turn to go for this top-end bat, if you feel that the racquet is worth trying.

I understand these are simply encouraging words to show other potential buyers how happy they are to have such high-quality racquets.

But it is quite justifiable to see why such a huge number of actual buyers did some positive reviews on the quality and pricing of the table tennis paddle.

The Verdict:-

We would certainly recommend Slyspin Rapture Table Tennis Racket for anyone who just finished off at their beginner level and wishes to start an awesome playing stage at an intermediate level.

With an average of 8 on the scale of 10 for its perfect combination of Control, Speed, and Spin, we would not ask for more and place the same appeal to anyone with a passion for great ping pong game.

Considering the overall quality of this Slyspin Rapture Table Tennis Racket, it makes sense to put it onto a decent or reasonable price tag.

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