Table Tennis Health Benefits

Table Tennis Health Benefits | Brain Sport For Older People


Everything you need to know about Table Tennis Health Benefits is here. It is an un-denying fact that every sport is good for mental and physical health as it contains a good number of exercises. In this regard, Table tennis is also a good exercise that provides you with a great number of exercise type.

But there is another reason behind the fact that table tennis more benefits to you for its own nature. It provides more benefits against low-risk. In any other game, you might be at the risk of being struck by lightning, breaking bones, banging in heads and many other things you do not expect from. Here, it doesn’t mean that other spots are of less importance. It is just a statistical fact.

Table Tennis Benefits

The table tennis has lots of health benefits which will know no bound if we go for a description of them. One thing is noticeable that the famous athletes in the world are mostly table tennis players.

There are millions of people, young, old, disabled and retired, who enjoy this game much. Table tennis playing is a great way to stimulate the brain and enhances quick thinking while developing hand-eye coordination. Table tennis makes one fit and improves one’s agility and at the same time flexibility. While playing, one is to move here and there in different angle shaking and swinging the whole body together.

For your information, there are over 300 million active members of governing affiliated association worldwide. It is enjoyed by millions of families across the whole world and there are about 20 million people play table tennis as recreational players in the US alone. There are many other non-governing associations that are uncountable.

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Health Benefits Of Ping Pong

Table tennis improves hand-eye coordination stimulating mental alertness, deep attention and strategy, it is more like fishing. It makes the young perfect sharpening reflexes and makes the older more refining tactful.

It improves mental acuity as the speed, spin and placement of the ball is crucial in table tennis. Those who are skilled they are benefited by the three, speed, spin and ball placement, creating and solving puzzles that relate the three as well.

It develops the reflexes for the fast-paced, short distant nature of the sport and for the movement of the gross and fine muscle. The game is unlikely by bursts of exertion and recovery which lead to fast-twitch muscle improvement.

It helps to burn calories. If a person is 150 pound in weight and plays the table tennis with boots, his/her 272 calories will burn. And all that happens not by obligation but by entertainment.

It is also good for bone joints. If you have any surgery on the knee, back problems, ankle pains, you can try it. It improves the strength in leg, arm, and core without overtaxing on your joint.

It is helpful for elderly people who have lost balance on their body.  Perfect sport for older people. As it needs much movement of the body keeping balance on, table tennis enhances the balance in one’s movement mostly.

Table Tennis A Brain Sport

The most importantly, it keeps your brain sharp. Table Tennis For Healthy Brain. If you go through the disease “Alzheimer” you will find that it is the disease which causes the deterioration of brain cell and memory loss. In this case, a medical study in Japan proves that table tennis is most helpful to get a recovery from the disease. Table tennis helps blood circulation in the brain cell better than any other sports. The playing requires before thinking of the further step and it enhances a particular area in the brain. Finally, it helps much a patient suffering from dementia.

It helps stimulate different parts of the brain. To react to the opponent’s shot, a player uses the prefrontal cortex for tactical planning after an anticipation of the shot as well.

It helps to undergo aerobic exercise too. While playing the game, it causes physical activity and requires the response from the brain to form and retain the long-term fact and events. Many benefits to humans.

Table tennis also provides social out late for which it is called a family game. If you are in a family, you must have siblings or ancestors of different ages. You want to pass a quality time together, and then it is the only game that can be played the young and the old together that helps to remove the generation gap. And it is a good memory to you with your family last of all.

Regarding all those effects of the table tennis on every aspect of your life, what can be said in short? I hope nothing in a word. So you can have some of your time with it if you want a sweet memory along with the good recovery of your health which is irreparable but can be reparable by this game only. Now it is your turn to experience the table tennis game that is compared to brain sport.


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