Table Tennis Rubber Gluing

Table Tennis Rubber Gluing | How Do I Glue For Table Tennis Rubber


If we go through table tennis rubber gluing; we find table tennis rubber is a costing and affecting thing among every player wants to get it in a form always. Its newness provides good spin, speed, and control on a ping pong ball.

In a word, it is a center of all things in table tennis racket.

Sometimes it happens that the rubber gets dirty, dusty and worn out for which we need to glue the new rubbers of the paddle blade.

As it is not a cheaper one, most of the player’s concern falls upon them.

Here, we like to avail some tips to glue onto the blade surface to fix the rubber along and these are as follows.

Table Tennis Rubber Gluing Step By Step

  • At first get a thin layer of glue on the surface of the sponge and do same on the blade. Then attach them together so that the two surfaces get together tightly without having any air vacuum between.
  • And, glue for table tennis rubber with care so that glue gets onto them properly.
  • The first one is for the new rubber. But, if there is an old rubber on the blade peel out them off diagonally, do not do that vertically. Here, vertically means from handle to tip.
  • You have to table tennis rubber glue in such way otherwise you might take splinters of the blade. And this depends on whether the blade is sealed or not.
  • Here one thing is to mention that if there is no seal on the blade please seal the blade first then glue the new rubber onto it.
  • Wipe your blade several times with hands on a soft cloth so that there are no peelings of glue left on the blade.
  • When you feel the blade residue easily glue it then. Otherwise, any gentle rubbing might get rid of the leftover glue.
  • Pat the top sheet down on the table with a piece of clean paper or plastic so that the blade does not pick up any dust on the table. And place the sponge and surface of the blade.
  • Also, you can easily use a pencil to take a measurement by drawing line around. Be sure of that the logo is placed next to the handle.
  • Now you can open the tube of the glue of any brand and spread some glue on the sponge.
  • Use a paintbrush to spread glue over the sponge and then put the sponge on the blade measuring exactly and tighten them together so that they are attached properly.
  • Do the job same with the blade and keep them tight to each other so to be get together tightly and strongly. This work should be done carefully otherwise it might not be strongly attached to each other.
  • While keeping them tightly, use a roller and press gently it over the whole blade to be sure that it is formally attached.
  • Before table tennis rubber gluing, wait for some little more time to let them dry enough to get stuck to each other firmly.
  • If the glue is dried, press both surfaces together and paste them strongly.
  • After half an hour, when the glue dies fully, cut the excess rubber around the blade with care and nicely so to look fine and cute.

Now, you see that your rubber is ready to use. For any match play, wait for a day to get enough time to be strong and a complete table tennis paddle.

This is how you can easily glue for table tennis rubber nicely. Remember, to have a thing fine, treat it with care. We hope you got a clear knowledge of table tennis rubber gluing.

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