How Often Should You Replace Your Table Tennis Rubber ?

Table Tennis Rubber plays the vital role in table tennis paddle in table tennis or ping pong play. This rubber directs how the spin, speed and control should be.

It motivates the whole game or matches even. For which, there is a question arises that how to protect the table tennis rubber and how often we should change or replace it.

If the normal inverted rubber is to be replaced, we can easily say that for replacement, hold a table tennis ball forcedly in your fingers and drag the ball over the rubber from side to side.

And across the middle and to the other side of the racket as well.

And, if you feel that the middle of the rubber is loose and easily peeling off then you have to understand that the rubber is to be changed.

Because, when the ping pong paddle rubber sponge is deteriorated, there is another sign to consider the rubber is worn out that when the racket grip is making spin differently in different places and times while the ball touched by different parts of the blade.

There are two types of rubbers. One is anti-spin and the other is pips out rubber. Pips-out rubber is full of pips over the blade.

If the pip is missing somewhere and full in number in somewhere then you have to understand that the rubber is going to be damaged of.

There is another sign is that sometimes it becomes turning brittle or slippery and it should be taken as a damaged one.

The other one is anti-spin rubber. If the blade is kept in touch of the ball in its different points of the blade and makes different spin and different time that it is to be taken as a damaged one and needed to be repairing.

There is another sign that should be taken as a symbol of notice to replace the rubber. This is how the ping pong ball bounced differently in the middle of the racket in comparison to its size.

It is because the sponge under the top sheet is the degraded as well.

The fact is that if the top sheet is degraded once the table tennis paddle rubber causes different spin and bounces in different points of the blade. And at this happening, it is very hard to you to play well along with this racket.

If those cases are noticed, you should immediately go for the rubber change of your racket. If the case is so, you have to change the rubber sooner or letter and you can do the job yourself and then you need not to wait any longer to take help from others.

Do it yourself and be satisfied that the work is done by you and done well.

And another thing is if you find that the blade is fine enough to continue your job ahead, you should buy new rubber and cover your paddle blade with it using branded glue.

As, here, glue matters most, use the best one from. Though it is sometimes difficult to glue your rubber successfully, you should do it experiencing some difficulties along because it will help you much after all.

In short, we can say that you will be able to understand automatically while playing when your Table Tennis Rubber needs to be repaired or replaced or changed by as well.

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