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Table Tennis Table Covers For Indoor & Outdoor Tables 2019


When we buy a new thing which is favorable to us while it is about favorite table tennis, we try to protect it trying our best by a table tennis table cover on it.

When we talk about a cover, we mean a thing to protect our things from different types of mischief.

Here, we are talking about table cover and it is a must as our table tennis table is a costly one. Though we use ping pong table round the year, we need a cover for our indoor and outdoor table.

It is meant an effort to have a protection for our best playing element, table tennis table.

We need a cover to protect from various types of opponents. And the opponents mean to be rain, Sun, snow, mold, rough weather etc.

If we keep the surface of the table from dust and dirt, then the table will be certainly a good ground to bounce the balls finely.

Every player and consumer give importance on having a cover for his/her ping pong table. For which different types of covers have been getting excellent marks or rating from the consumers.

What do we look for a ping pong cover?

We mainly consider the cover whether it is to be rough weather resistant. And, we think buying a cover is to make an investment on.

So, there is nothing to worry about whether we are wasting money buying a good cover for our things as well.

There are lots of brands which produces covers. They are mainly Kettler, HCL, STIGA, Covermates and Butterfly etc. So, our effort, here, is to find the best covers out for your convenience mostly.

Table Tennis Table Cover Reviews

1. HLC Waterproof Dustproof Protective Folding Table Tennis Table Cover with Zipper Indoor Outdoor

HLC Waterproof cover is one of the best-branded covers in table cover world. As the characteristic of the cover is to cover or protect your thing from a different odd atmosphere, it does its work properly.

The cover is very essential to protect the ping pong table as it is its basic job. Now the question is… what is the quality of this HLC cover like?

This is a full size table tennis table cover that keeps your table as it is while it is not in use.

It is right in length and width. It is useful both for indoors and outdoors. HLC is very hard and tough wearing cover.

It is, actually, a best-suited cover for your valuable ping pong table.


  • 160 cm in length and 80 cm in width and 150 cm in height
  • Waterproof and hard and tough wearing
  • Prevents the formation of mould
  • PVC made
  • Having table fastener for wind protection


  • Keeps the table free of dust and dirt
  • Prevents mould
  • Possesses wind fastener
  • Does have polyester version


  • Zipper is not of high quality as the cover itself
  • The split does not occur at the seam


Whatever the fact, the cover is fit for all international Foldable Rollaway Table tennis. The air can pass inside, I mean breathable and good mould preventing.

This cover, HLC, does have fastener system for resistance to wind. Besides, there are many positive aspects of this cover even.


2. Kettler Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor table Tennis Table Cover

We look for a good cover to last longer so to protect our favorite sports element table tennis table for a long time well.

In this case, Kettler cover works well to protect the Kettler table as they are from the same brand.

But it does not mean that it is made for the same brand thing only. It is very much protective for all other brands’ table too. Its size is ok. And, cover quality is beyond questioning. Kettler Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Cover is UV resistant. It protects the table from being spoilt by rain, snow, mould and mildew.

It includes characteristic like tough reinforced corners. It also has easy Velcro side openings.


  • It is of heavy Duty UV resistant and PVC cover with waterproof backing
  • It protects the table from rain, snow, mould and mildew, dirt, dust, and sun
  • Tough reinforced corners with strength and durability
  • Top air vent of 63”x3”
  • Velcro side opening for simple and convenient cover
  • Measures 63”x33.5”x62” (L x W x H)


  • Two years warranty for residential use
  • Built-in air vent on top of the cover
  • Lifelong lasting quality
  • For Heavy-Duty outdoor ping pong table


  • High cost
  • Too long lasting to have change that tires one


The finishing touch of this Kettler series cover is of excellent standard. This cover is undoubtedly an excellent one to experience.

Before buying you need not worry about its quality and all other aspects while expending money. In short, it is a great lining branded cover to avoid its positivity instead.

3. STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table Cover

STIGA Premium Cover is an excellent accessory to prevent your ping pong table from wear and tear.

The quality of the cover need not be elaborated as it is of high-quality automobile covers. So, it provides your table with good protection from any mischief.

And, you know, the STIGA has been working continuously to develop its product quality since long time that we call as continual development.

So, you can be assured that the cover must be of a fine quality one.

STIGA Cover is made to be used both on indoors and outdoors. It preserves your table from being scratched, dirty, dusty and minor imperfections.

Here, STIGA advice that indoors shall not be kept outside though it is water resistant because it might be damaged for any indifference to it as well.


  • Both for indoors and outdoors
  • Made of high quality is woven PE material
  • Elastic hems provided to be fit in storage condition
  • Fit for most of the tables
  • Cover is of 66.5”x61” (L x W)


  • Cover if fine materials
  • Longer lasting
  • With elastic hems
  • Discourages rusting and discoloration


  • It would tear if forced


STIGA is made well to work well. If you experience one of it, it might clear your concept whether it is good enough for you to have one of it.

However, STIGA cover is fine in quality and of great protective cover for your table tennis table. So, I hope, if you go through all that information mentioned above, it will help you in the larger extent to make an approach to it.

4. JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table Cover

JOOLA Cover does the function of covering the table in two ways as it is mentioned in its name. It is used to cover both table and the net and while in playing a position and in the storage position.

In this regard, this cover is something different from others. Though the cover is recommended for indoor use, it is a water resistant cover.

JOOLA cover is also a favorite one to the players and the consumers as it worked well and produced well as the brand is a sponsor of the US national team as well.

It is, obviously, a fine protective cover for your best table. It keeps your table free of dust, dirt, and moisture.

For its water resistant quality, it also prevents molding your best-chosen table. It does have Velcro edge which is required to adjust the cover to any types of tables along with very fast.


  • Cover is nylon made
  • Imported cover
  • Used for both storage and playing position
  • Having Velcro edge for easy adjustment to be suited with
  • Protect from dust, dirt, scratches and water
  • Unique in quality and its functions


  • Super light in weight
  • Dual functioning
  • Free size cover
  • Well made


  • Made of thin material
  • Lightweight causes to fly in a small breeze


JOOLA works dually and for which it is convenient to use or cover on your table. In an average, it works well, meets your requirements, good in quality and an exact one.

Also, in pricing, it is not so high in proportion to its quality and quantity as well.

5. CoverMates – Ping Pong Table Cover

If you find that your ping pong table is going to be damaged by, buy a Covermates cover to protect it from dust, dirt, windy year.  After all, rain causes mould.

If you are concerned about with deep agitation to protect your valuable table, try to have the best cover ever.

CoverMates cover is made of 12 gauge commercial vinyl. It works as a shield on your table from spilled drink and even pet hair.

It is of polyester lining. It is reinforced the fabric on the corners that prevents holes and tears from making at the seam.

Here, buckle straps and elastic hems are included for all 4 legs. It has 2 years warranty and it can be used both at indoors and outdoors.

CoverMates has a good fastener to resist it from the wind to blow out. You will be clearer about it if you go through its specification, pros, and cons as well.


  • 110W x 60D x 30H ping pong table cover
  • Made with 12 gauge commercial vinyl
  • Velcro flap pocket having paddle storage for both ends


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Wind defending
  • Well thought out


  • Stitching is not waterproof
  • Rain might cause defective


CoverMates is easy to put on and take off. It meets its requirements as a cover well.Finely made cover protects your expected level table from being damaged away.

As you know prevention is better that cure, it does the same. So, definitely, it is a big one to buy and have fun with.


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