Best Table Tennis Robot Review & Comparison Guide

We welcome you to our Best Table Tennis Robot review guide. Before we start with our reviews, let’s have a look at what is a table tennis robot actually is.

Ping pong robots if we say in general, is a wonderful ball machine for tennis play that helps you getting engaged with ping pong ball stickily.

What Is A Table Tennis Robot?

The history of Table Tennis Robot is a very recent one. In the 1980s it develops its way ahead. Obviously, it is an innovation in table tennis. It is a machine that throws balls to the opposite of it which is caught by the fixed net opposite to it.

As it is a Robot, it works according to the order set by the players exactly what the intended expect it to be as an alternative of opponents’ table tennis paddle. Then it works according to the command set with it.

Ping Pong Robot Functions:-

The best table tennis robot fires balls to the opposing player. It does have the following three elements.

  1. There is a mechanism to load and fire the table tennis balls
  2. Comes with a control box where the program is set to fire the balls accordingly and
  3. There is a net opposite to it to catch the returning balls

Its functions are as the indoor ping pong ball thrower and also the outdoor ping pong balls thrower as well. It is in a word, a table tennis robot training program that mostly helps you to get in with the frequent practice.

No problems are there at all if you load pickleball into the way with the ping pong with robot too.

How does a ping pong robot work?

There is a great variety of this ping pong server which is operated differently but that all follow the same principles. Some balls are loaded into the firing mechanism ready to use. Then the firing of the balls can be controlled by a TV remote.

One thing is fascinating is that you can add a program to the Robot to deliver the balls according to your choice whether you like to get the balls to be topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin or the others.

Table tennis robot training:-

Everything does have its many merits along with demerits likewise it has many advantages like;

  • As it is program addable, it works as a coach.
  • If you are alone and not getting any partner to play table tennis with, then it helps you to a greater extend.
  • You can practice with it as long as you like to.
  • You can take it with you anywhere as it is portable.
  • As it does not move by itself, it does not require much space except yours.
  • You can repeat the same stroke again and again until it does not help you.

Besides those positive aspects, there are lots of good effects that the table tennis game provides to its players and as normal parts of your game as normally your wear table tennis shoes alike as well.

So, to get your robots a new one always, cares for it and keep some ping pong accessories along with your accordingly.

However, if you get health and mental exercise from it along with the much fun from it, then the best ping pong robot is the best choice you will get out of it ever.

Best Table Tennis Robot Reviews

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Ipong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

You don’t have a partner to play table tennis, no problem, you can easily get a machine playing partner to carry with you wherever you go or stay. In this case, ipong original table tennis robot will be able to meet all your expectation regarding the game, table tennis.

iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

You can find a great variety of table tennis robot in the market to buy among those you can easily choose to buy ipong original without any hesitation. Because it is all of your types as it works for the beginners as well as for the upper-level players to practice with.

You can practice in your own way tirelessly as it can be set easily by your type. It enhances another benefit; that is, it does not deliver balls straight only. It fires balls from different angles including topspin and underspin which help you a lot to improve your skill as well.

ipong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot will provide you consistency, accuracy, longevity, tirelessness, recreation, and exercise, etc. As many positive aspects are there with it, you may experience it if you are a machine partner seeker finally.


  • Can enhance your skill without having a training partner
  • It Can adjust power and spin on the ball by the remote control it provides with
  • Can set topspin, underspin and heavy spin
  • This robot can increase or decrease the ball frequency per minute basis
  • Can capacitate 110 balls and cast ball 12 to 70 per minute


  • Easy to set and assemble
  • 100+ ball capacity
  • Frequency adjustable
  • Stroke can be in check


  • Having some parts of it are plastic
  • It is of good expense


Too good and too bad is not required by the overall consumers of any product. Everyone looks for the things that meet the average requirement. If the matter is so, then this ipong original is the best suited to you all. We follow ethics basically as man and marking person and try to recommend the best things to our readers otherwise we will lose faith in us as a reviewer. In a word, we would like to say that this robot is good enough to be bought and experienced.

Newgy Robo Pong 540 Table Tennis/Ping Pong Robot

In a statistic, it is shown that man wants to expose himself to the other something differently. This way of approach makes a man work unnoticed and like to reveal himself unique in a certain field. This idea goes very tightly with the play Robot alone without having a partner in a time of practice.

iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

Here, to fulfill this innovative ideology is coming true with the touch of Newgy 540 for its smooth service to the players. Most of the players get comfort to play with it for its excellent aspects of exposure.

It is very interesting to know from the players, that Robo-Pong 540 has analog control to adjust ball speed and frequency. It can throw balls at different angles and styles. One can adjust this 540 according to his/her choice or comfort to enjoy the practice of removing all types of monotony that human beings bear along with.


  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B003Z9R0YW” locale=”US” tag=”table041-20″]Newgy Robo Pong 540 Table Tennis Robot[/easyazon_link] has analog control
  • Having topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spin
  • The facility of easy setup, use, taking down, store and transport
  • Having shots; chop, push, serve, lob, fast loop, counter


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can play with it single and family along
  • 40mm ball with ball basket(120 balls)
  • Owner’s manual
  • Having ball thrower


  • Seems cheap for its lightness
  • Jamming problem it
  • Frequency makes slower
  • You might miss first 3-4 balls while you are getting up


After going through this robot type, we can assure you that you will be lucky if you get it and experience it involving yourself directly. Here, you see that our advocating tone is something strong because of its quality. Every one seeks or looks for a quality product whether it is costly or not. One likes to get the best one with the least effort that this robot characteristic meets. So, we have the best wishes for you to make a journey to this product while experiencing it.

ipong Mini Table Tennis Trainer Robot

We have been going around the sports items whether these are congenial to the customers or not. We make a survey on them for service to the players’ sake across the world just to recommend that this or that one is best for you.

iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

During this job, we have come across this Ipong mini table tennis trainer robot which is a very suitable one for those who are new in this field, we mean, the beginners or the newcomers.

There should have liability on the experienced for the upcoming generations. And we believe, in this case, the ipong mini robot can play a great role to train the beginners. The fact is that this one can also help competitive players for practice.

Though the robot is mini in size, there is no jamming problem with it while throwing the balls by it. Another noticeable good side of it is one can easily carry it here and there for its tiny size. it has endless benefits from playing with family and friends. For this reason, we will certainly recommend most of the beginners to buy it and enjoy it.


  • Having a simple ping pong robot for ever-paced and consistent ball trajectory
  • Holding up to 25 balls and casting 30 per minute
  • Having modernized ball shell for visibility with new spiral gravity ball feed mechanism
  • Having 40mm and 40+ balls, ipong ball catch net, ipong ball pick up a net, ipong tilt stand, ipong target
  • Compactness 12”x7” for easy travel, simple on/off switch, 4AA batteries


  • Easy to turn on/off
  • No jamming in firing balls
  • Easy portable
  • 40mm and 40+ ball casting net
  • Affordability
  • Having spiral gravity ball feeder


  • Only for the beginners
  • No different types of spins set up a system
  • Very simple( like toy/plaything ).


Here, we will suggest you the readers, consumers, amateur and the players, to get this robot and play with it for your better practice and performance. Especially, its smoothness and comfort will help you much to cope with it within the shortest possible time as it is your type. Its looking will make you much confident of its quality like; the first impression lasts long. If you are convinced by all the other aspects, we hope, you will get one of them and will be satisfied as well.

How can I get better at ping pong alone?

As this automatic ping pong ball server with you, you are not dependent to other players to help you and to feel alone or hampered in your practice or performance improvement.

This table tennis robot alternative provides you with a return board, you can play alone, get your own shape, will work as the shadow player, etc.

How does a ping pong robot work?

Your ping pong robot reviews do have two cameras to see the ball identical like the human to see an object movement. This ping pong robot review can detect the ball speed and rotation. Also, the ping pong robot amazon allows the ball-trajectory well.

How do you master ping pong?

While you are with the ipong table tennis robot, see the spin; learn spin blocking and know how to take the positioning. Also, at the newgy ping pong robot with see the side spin serve, return the ball accurately and making pressure thinking it as your opponent. And, at the ipong v300 review, strike the ball well and you’re your own rackets as well.

By the way, It is mandatory to have the best paddle to play with your robot, and we recommend some best table tennis paddle for you.

ipong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot with Oscillation and Wireless Remote

This Ipong V300 version is a very well furnished one to help you to improve your skill along with your name and fame as this one exceeds the innovation of the novelty. To say further, it includes some other positive aspects that emphasize its quality with the added devices along.

iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

It is to be considered whether the instruments help a player to be great or the player himself is good without the instruments. We mean to say, a lecturer makes the class fine or the class makes the lecturer good. Our opinion is that both are needed to make the best of each other.

All our long description is to emphasize the importance of good means of medium to a game to be well played. Here, this ipong V300 is of long-term good performance means with oscillation and wireless remote control and improved motor and wheels for.

So, as a training partner, we hope, it will be the best one among the bests for your skill improvement and great fun to rush to have it.


  • Well furnished, updated software with consistency and accuracy
  • Having wireless remote control and oscillation with digital display
  • Having well ball frequency, side-to-side oscillation, topspin, and backspin speed
  • Can hold over 100 balls, shoot balls at a frequency of 12 to 70 balls per minute
  • 40mm balls to be used with it


  • Stronger ball launch and increased spin
  • Improved consistency and accuracy
  • Increased long-lasting performance
  • Improved feeder to remove ball jamming
  • Quieter operation


  • Not for the beginners
  • Something costly
  • Too fast to cope with


When one wants to buy anything, he or she gets puzzled thinking that which one will best suit for. In this case, to remove your confusion, we can make a suggestion to you to this better one for your betterment and come back to your confidence on the product you are looking for. One is to mention, our effort is to make ourselves reliable to the viewers and the customers because customers’ satisfaction helps one to proceed further. So, be confident in us as well as upon yourself.

iPong Topspin Table Tennis Trainer Robot

It is true that the best ping pong robot has added a new dimension and innovation in the table tennis world. We noticed that it helps an alone person to be void of loneliness. It makes a person more private in a sense of the fact.

iPong Topspin Table Tennis Trainer Robot

However, Ipong Topspin is very helpful for the newcomers or the beginners to practice without a partner. It is of quick and simple assembly. If you are fond of improving your skill unnoticed, you can go along with Ipong Topspin trainer and it is a means to have had time with it to a greater extend.

It is a machine trainer in the table tennis arena without any doubt. Whenever and wherever it is, you can be in touch with your favorite sport very simply and easily. Whenever you are shyer to reveal yourself to others without skill, it will help you to a great extent in this case.

So, go along with ipong Topspin. Be skilled and exposed yourself that you are a wrathful one in this field.


  • Having consistent topspin feed, reliable one forehand and backhand stroke
  • Holding up to 110 balls with casting balls at an adjustable frequency
  • Remote controlled and battery-powered
  • Easily assembled that includes ipong, remote control, and instruction manual
  • Having 40mm and 40+ balls, ipong ball picks up a net, ipong targets, etc.


  • Its simplicity (one button to turn on and spin)
  • Its portability (lightness)
  • Your freeness to make it positional
  • Its high configuration
  • Comfortable for the beginners


  • Constant ball jamming
  • Short cable
  • Balls and batteries not included
  • Flimsy connectors


Regarding all about its positive and negative aspects, though negation is very few, we can opine that you will be benefitted if you decide to take one to experience. The fact is that one should experience a thing for which he or she interested because it helps one to be familiar with it directly. So, go along with it. Be skilled and exposed yourself to that field positively.

Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot

This Robot ping pong machine will throw you balls from different angles, and you will play as a defender or offender. Indeed, it depends on you whether you will play as an offensive or defensive player as you can set the ball to deliver the program fixed to the Robot as you like.

Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot

Newgy 2050 plays a great role in improving one’s skill in table tennis mostly. It is because a serious player buys Robots to practice as long as he/she desires to make him or her perfect. And in this case, Robo-pong 2050 takes a step ahead.

After our effort to reveal the mystery of the Robot table tennis, we will recommend you buy Newgy 2050 for its uniqueness and innovation and smooth service as well.


  • Having excellent machine featured digital controls
  • Spins available; topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, and combination spin
  • Shots available; push, lob, fast loop, chop, counter and serve
  • Easy to set up, use, take down, store and transport
  • Can be played by yourself or with your family


  • A digital control panel in 6 languages
  • 4 dozens 40mm Robo-balls
  • Improves skill highly
  • Affordable price


  • The net is of plastic made(but well made)
  • Never get a Robot ping pong machine without a catch net
  • Not for the beginners.


However, this NEWGY 500 still holds the market for its popularity. And, you know, popularity is enhanced for the product quality that attracts the players in a mass and their opinion will inspire you to buy and get it. The reality is that if you get one thing of your type, you will certainly be intended to experience it. Here, all about its pros and cons for your ease to buy and get it to play with.

How can I improve my ping pong?

Using this ping pong ball feeder, you can master the basics first. And, newgy table tennis robot helps you to learn better serve, right way serve, and the spin the ball and block the spin too. So, you see your diy table tennis catch net helps you practice, practice and practice.

 How do you play table tennis in 10 days?

The best table tennis robot 2020 when at hand, know the introduction of the play, learn the grip, then the stance. With the best ping pong robot review, learn foot work; now see the forehand drive and then the backhand drive. Finally, with your table tennis catch net diy; see the forehand push and the backhand push. Enough it is to complete your first hand learning.

What are the basic hits of table tennis?

Buy table tennis robot to learn the basic hits yourself for the best ping pong machine will help you a lot in learning at first hand well.

Then go with the ipong pro review or go with the ipong v300 manual so to learn:

Forehand Drive,

Backhand Drive,

Forehand Push,

Backhand Push, well.

How do you pick a spin in table tennis?

The best indoor table tennis trainer shows you that always to take the racket at the extension of the arm, and stay away from the end line of the table, then keep your core low.

Also, see the best ping pong robots review where to keep your arm strainght and move your hips in direction to the hits of the ball then.

The automatic table tennis ball launcher provides you with a great service that you cannot expect from your mates. Here, we find that the table tennis robot net, best ping pong catch net, robo pong 2050 parts, suz table tennis robot, diy table tennis robot help us a lot to be our playing mates well. Also, these are our ping pong robot alternative within the table tennis robot price, as coach, instructor and a good gym as well.

What are the basic skills of table tennis?

These are the techniques we see to use by the pros that you should adopt too.

Forehand drive,

Backhand topspin,

Forehand push,

Backhand push,

Forehand flick,

Backhand flick,

Backhand loop,

Forehand attack,

Forehand fast serve, etc.

ipong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot with exciting Oscillation and wired remote

If you have experienced much of the robot table tennis, you can easily realize which one is the best that is very simple. But what we like to say is that in time of experiencing, one may easily not recognize some of the points important.

iPong PRO Table Tennis Training Robot with Oscillation and Remote

We mean, some noticeable points can remain unnoticed. And, that is why there is an effort by us to help you if possible.

The Ipong pro is of wired remote control and easily portable with an excellent oscillation that is suitable for your training challenges. You can set its control by remote control at your own pace.

We mean, by the help of remote you can control the oscillation of the unit’s core for ball placement on the table.

This compact ipong pro robot can hit 100 balls continuously before reloading. It is added three things to get a new dimension like a snap in the pieces, plug in the power and no extra tools are required. And, to say more, use the wired remote to adjust power, spin, frequency, and oscillation.


  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Wired remote to adjust power, frequency, spin, and oscillation
  • Having ball returning variation of backspin and topspin
  • can hold 100 balls at a time
  • Ball frequency is 12 to 70 per minute
  • Having AC adapter, tilt stand, and instruction manual


  • Adjustable frequency
  • Topspin, backspin, heavy spin
  • Oscillation
  • 100+ ball capacity
  • Needs 9 by 5 feet table tennis table
  • Having 2.5-pound net weight
  • Long-term improved consistency and accuracy


  • Oscillation is too fast to use
  • Not for the beginners


We will recommend this robot especially if you are looking for the best product to build your future strongly in this field. This robot certainly will be able to help you much enhancing your skill enough for beating any type of your opponents. As it is not a showpiece, you can use it in your own way but not in a manner that it is nothing to you. And, it is obviously a good one to have it.

Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping Pong Robot

Newgy 1040 Robot, after our much observation, we can assert you that it is a very decent type of best ping pong robot. Though all are unique, it seems something more special. As a lonely man’s partner, this 1040 works very well. Despite some of its specialties, all other aspects seem the same as well as good in quality.

Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping-Pong Robot

When we had gone through this robot, we found the robot has no jamming problem and it contains good spin, speed, and control. It fires the balls well and not necessary to explain that its balls are good and expensive.

The upper-level players can enjoy with this machine player when the intended is alone or not. For recreation, table tennis has no alternative and this recreation has been accelerated by the 1040 robot that one cannot but assert.

If you go through the specification, pros, and cons, you will find that comparatively, this version is better than the others. It is not the too high or too low-quality type of robot. It is, actually, a decent one that we mentioned earlier. So, you can have a chance to experience the Newgy Robo-pong 1040 ping pong robot.


  • Having machine features with analog controls
  • Provides topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spin
  • Having the shots; push, lob, counter, fast loop, serve and chop
  • It comes with an easy setup system, use, take down, storing and transport
  • Having the opportunity of playing with friends and family


  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • No fancy installation required
  • Weighs light
  • Designed intuitively
  • Good ball control, ball frequency and oscillation


  • Sometimes ball get stuck in the bucket
  • Not for the very beginners
  • Sometimes it stops working at the beginning


As its spin, speed and control are good, We think this NewgyRobo pro is good enough to get it and play along. It does not matter how much it does cost rather it matters how fine and good it is. As its return is well and good, most of the players buy it and for that reason, we also recommend this robot for you to your ease and comfort and shiny performance as well.

GDAE10 Tennis-Ball-Machine

If you’re to start Table Tennis and don’t have partners for the practice you must need a Table Tennis Robot. The machine will provide you consistent ball delivery for different speeds and projections.

GDAE10 Table Tennis Robot,Automatic Ping Pong Ball Machine for Training Ball Switch Automatic Ball Machine for Training 36W (US Stock)

A Table Tennis Robot is often referred to as the Ping Pong ball machine. It is designed to let the players practice without having partners. If you’re a beginner you can have the best training experience with this automatic machine.

Features of GDAE10 Table Tennis Ball Machine

  1. Maximum Ball Service: This Ping Pong Robot allows you to practice a maximum spinning ball of 36. This serving machine can hold 110 of ping pong balls to serve.
  2. Easy to Setup and Portable: You won’t face any difficulty while installing the machine. It comes with an instruction manual. It is too small to carry it easily.
  3. Remote Controller: You can control the automatic ball servicing and ball speed with a remote controller without leaving the table.


  1. 36 kinds of spinning ball delivery
  2. Easy installation
  3. Small and easy to carry
  4. Remote controller for a different adjustment


  1. Not includes random play mode


The machine is appropriate for all types of Ping-Pong balls. You can transport and store it easily. The GDAE10 Table Tennis Machine is lightweight and it comes with a net for a perfect practice session.


Are table tennis robots worth it?

Your best ping pong robots can improve your shots, reflexes and the overall techniques. So, we can say your investment for the ping pong server machine is never a waste. The best table tennis robots certainly improve your performance ultimately.

Why do table tennis players wipe table?

In the table tennis trainer reviews, we see that the do so to get the ball to pick on it. But it does happen rarely. So, the wipe is actually happens physically.

Which country is the best in table tennis?

The best table tennis trainer is China now. For, China took the lead in the Olympic and still is in the top list country.

Why do table tennis players serve weird?

It is because to more high tossing is the more spin; is a technique. The velocity of a ball in its descent rises when you toss the ball higher. And, that creates pressure to your opponents. For, this reason, in topspin, backspin, and sidespin, one needs to learn this technique well

Final Words:-

We hope that this Best table tennis robot guide will help you to decide which one among them is the best table tennis robot, hope you enjoyed it.