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Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews 2019

Why is the best outdoor ping pong table considered preferable by most of the players?

Those who are familiar with the table tennis play, most of them know that the best ping pong table is of two types. They are common, Indoor and outdoor. These two words generally expose their types for one can easily assume; one is for inside and another is for outside play. Whatever we say, there are some differences between the two Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table regarding their construction.

As it is about outdoor one, we like to provide you with some hints about it. Especially, most of the portable ping pong table are made of differently having galvanized steel undercarriage, the net, the posts and with a waterproof top surface onward.

All of them might not possess all those qualities mentioned above for different pricing for some are costly, medium and cheap as well.

Here, our target is to buy a good one for good performance and durability so that both the interests work together. For more about it, see the Wikipedia .

Here’s a video about how to choose the best outdoor ping pong table

Top 5 Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Weatherproof Net Set

[Editor’s Choice]

JOOLA has been implementing the best product for their customers with their innovation and handing them over with the best quality product for 40 years.

This JOOLA Nova DX table has an extensive line. You can set up this JOOLA outdoor ping pong table for indoor or outdoor easily. This product is the opposite in every weather condition. The undercarriage of the product is Powder coated.

JOOLA Nova outdoor table weight is 166 pounds. The height and weight of the product adjust in any place, even it is evident to set up. You don’t need any maintenance. It has also a tilting protector for the device. The table is covered with aluminum-plastic which is coated almost 6mm area of the table.


• It has anti-corrosion equipment which Length is 30mm x 30mm

• Product length at the time of assembled 108in x 60in x 30inch

• Length of Product during folding is 62in x 22in x 67in

• You can fold up it for playback mood or for storage

• It will be stable at the time of playing because it has included adjustable feet.

• The table has two Tilt protecting devices

• You can lock or unlock it so that you can move the table easily

• A weatherproof net is provided


• You don’t have to be worried about assembling this product

• It is very convenient to bring together

• You can huddle the table conveniently

• It is adjustable in all climates

• A person can play single by playback mood

• Transportation of the product is very easy for having wheels along

• It has the most anti-tilting technology


• Weight is slightly heavy

• Pricing is a little bit high


We want to suggest you, start your play with family and friends. JOOLA always equipped their products to play in any condition in outdoor or indoor like JOOLA Nova DX . And, for this reason, US National Team chose them as their sponsor.


Can I separate the table?
Ans: Yes, you can, for playback mood.

Does the table have the sun-heat proof system?
Ans: Yes, it is made for the all-weather condition, but it is better to place the table in shadow.

Does the table help for goo d ball bounce?
Ans: Yes, it has a very good bounce.

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JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table with Weatherproof Net Set

Joola Outdoor table tennis table has been dominating in the USA almost 10 years in professional table tennis sector mainly. In the North American Table Tennis flagship tour event, they branded nearly 1,000 more players and Showcased.

For the demand of the players and the recreation petitioners, Joola made an outdoor table tennis table that is moveable and very easy take it to anywhere.

The double anti-tilting device with locking caster in 3 wheels provides more safety, sustainability, and portability. The table is of two pieces which can be folded up at the time of playback mode or solid storage.

The table is of two pieces which can be folded up at the time of playback mode or solid storage.

An extra benefit of that table is, it can be fixed anywhere even adjustable.


• Plastic synthesized aluminum

• 6mm thick surface

• 30mm x 30mm rot-resistant

• Powder-laminated body

• Can be assembled: 108in x 60in x 30in

• Stored: 62in x 22in x 67in

• Weight: 166 pounds

• It takes 15 minutes to assemble


• Suitable for all types of weather condition

• With a weatherproof net set

• Can be fixed easily

• Having an expert assembly

• Weatherproof table with easy installation

• With additional safety and adjustability


• The price might be a little high

• Assembling charge can increase your budget but it will adjust your table precisely


Joola is proud to serve you with their best quality table. They believe in high quality and affordable price of the product and focuses on your recreational demand. It’s time to get together with friends and family. Wish you to grab your Joola outdoor ping pong table and start your gaming life to experience some more fun expected by.


Is the work of folding too tough?
Ans: No, not at all.

What is the comparison between Indoor table tennis tables and Outdoor table tennis tables?
Ans: Both are the same but you can use this both side as well.

Does the ping pong ball bouncing differ between?
Ans: No, it is nice and fair.

Should you buy a net?
Ans: No, not at all.

Can you give me the model number?
Ans: It is 11134.

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Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Vapor

This Stiga Outdoor Ping Pong Table is made with the material which is maintaining the utmost standard quality. And, they develop their product quality in a continuous process toward.

With the proper suggestion of trustworthy players and coaches, STIGA discerned that players; professional, semi-professional and even who play for recreation, you all could get benefit together. That’s why they are more concerned about their product development according to players’ need.

Stiga provides you weatherproof, rust-resistant, portable, stable and durable table. For which this table is melded with aluminum-plastic that doesn’t contort and evaporate.

As a result, it lasts long against un-expected outdoors and weather condition. This is solidly furnished with rust resistant powder covering with the metal undercarriage.

This Stiga table tennis table has steel legs with leg levelers to support any outdoor or indoor place and vaunted with anti-tilting alacrity to improve bounce and playing experience.


• 6mm high playing shoal covered with blue paint and silk-screen with white tournament line

• Having 0.75 inch ball bearing wheel that works like a trolley with a locking system to give aplomb and

easy movement

• Includes things like 1.5 inch steel apron, outdoor net , clamp set

• It takes just a minute to install

• Pre-assembled 90 percent

• The table dimension is 107.87 L x 60 W x 29.92 H inches

• Playback position dimension is 28 L x 60 W x 62 H inches

• The width of steel legs: 1.5 inches

• Leg levelers: 30mm

• The Weight of this table tennis table: 140 pounds


• Weatherproof

• Folding up for playback and storage position

• Rust resistant and portable

• Stable and durable

• With some awesome features

• More fun like indoor being an outdoor one


• The weight might be slightly heavy, but this heaviness helps to get a good bounce


Stiga always concerns about players’ and coaches’ flexibility. And, that’s why; players and coaches choose this best table tennis table. Even recreational lovers chose these brand products for their suitability. So, it is time to get united with family and friends to enjoy table tennis as much as possible.


Can It be Set up by one person?
Ans: It will be easy if there are two people to save time.

Can it be folded up entirely?
Ans: Yes, it can be.

Can we remove the wheels?
Ans: Yes, you can, even from the set of 4 legs.

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Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Axos 1 with Outdoor Accessory Bundle

Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a prime climate defiant table which is a nice one for its playability and especially the bounce. And, we know that this is the brand which does not compromise its product quality. And the fun part is this table tennis table comes with two table tennis paddle and 6 pack balls.

This Kettler table is adept for Home, Office, and Club or outside anywhere you want to play. It has a solitary playback position to improve your skill.

Entire outdoor tables are equipped with ALU-TEC technology to confirm their durability and persistence Kettler gives you 10 years top table warranty with 3 years undercarriage warranty.

This German table lined their table, made suitable for any climate and tenacious with airtight architecture.


• 2-inch powder covered with galvanized legs with pure steel

• Dimension at the time of assembled 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches

• Dimension at the time of folded 72 x 22 x 67 inches

• Weight 130 pounds

• Having a resin apron, size 2.25 inches

• Dual wheel casters angled with 4.5 inches for flexible movement and safety

• With 2 Kettler Halo 5.0 paddles, one best outdoor table tennis table cover and 6-pack 3-star balls


• Stable in any condition

• Protect the table from sun rays

• Durable in any water

• Fold conveniently

• Having a safety lock

• Withstand disintegration

• An astonishing appliance from Kettler


• Price is slightly high, but it includes the entire appliance in it


Kettler outdoor ping pong table is providing you not just tables but other appliances together. Their aim is to make high-quality products to satisfy their brand petitioners. So, It is the time to reunite with your friends anytime anywhere as it is a nice one you are looking for.


Is it suitable for any weather especially if there is raining or too much cold outside?
Ans: Yes, it is, because it is made in that way.

Will they provide net?
Ans: Yes, they will.

What is the quality of the appliance provided with?
Ans: Kettlers always provide their best one to their customers.

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Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table is an innovative horde from the USA. The maker Harvil family fabricated their products in even a way so that you can enjoy the game along with your friends and family.

Though this table is made for outdoor, it can be used in indoor as well. And, Harbil provides some interesting appliances too with this table.

This lightweight Harvil 9 Foot best outdoor ping pong table is very affordable for it will cope-up with your budget. It is equipped with a very well ingredient that provides the product with a long-lasting ability.


• Having a powder covered steel frame

• Having 147.67 pounds product weight

• Usual length: 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches

• Storage position length: 61.5 L x 23.6 W x 63.5 H inches

• 8 balls with storage packs

Rackets for 4 persons

• Table tennis net and

• A net post

• A cover for protecting the folded table


• Accessible lock and unlock system providing the table strength and movability

• Playback mood for self-play

• Can be stored easily

• Sublime table for outdoor use

• Weatherproof in all environments

• Some phenomenal product with the table


• Weight is a bit high, but this weight makes the Harvil ping pong table stable


Harvel develops their business through their family type and easy going natured products. For this reason, they improve each and every part of their products when the trend requires. So, they did not compromise any kind of flaw whether it is simple or major.


Can a single person set this table up?
Ans: No, at least it needs two people together.

Is it rain blocking?
Ans: Yes, it is, but we request you to fold it up for its betterment.

Will we get all the appliances mentioned in the feature?
Ans: Yes, absolutely.

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Hope you like our reviews about Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table. If you are confused about which outdoor ping pong table you want to buy. Check editor’s choice one. Our outdoor table tennis table review ends here.